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Season 5 Performance #5

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Season 5 Performance #5

Last week, Sabrina and Mark got a perfect score. I still don't get it. Mark explains that the rumba is "a vertical expression of a horizontal desire." So Sabrina gets all giggly, because she can't handle it. And then Mark's mom shows up? She's a three-time Latin ballroom champion, but Sabrina feels weird dancing so intimately with Mark when his mom's right there. Mark's mom does help Sabrina though. Their routine is fairly sexy, but Sabrina sometimes slides into cutesy and giggly. They do one pretty amazing move where Sabrina slides all the way down Mark's body. I kind of thought there were going to make out at the end. I think Mark has a boner. I wonder what dancers do when that happens with those tight pants? There's no hiding it. I bet they have to strap things down. And...I've officially thought too much about it.

Len starts out the judges. Len thinks it was great, but some of the poses were over the top. Bruno disagrees, because he doesn't think the rumba can be over the top. Len thinks the tricks detract from the dance steps, and he finally grumps at Bruno to let him say his piece. Bruno doesn't, and just goes right into his little speech about how well they executed every move. Carrie Ann says she was blown away, and she liked that Sabrina tried to show them something different and slower this time. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 10. Backstage, Sabrina says that Len's comments help them improve. Then we have to rehash how talented Mark's mom is, like we didn't just watch that clip package.

Jennie and Derek got great scores last week, which has raised the bar for them. They're doing the samba this week, and Jennie needs to learn how to shake it. Derek takes her to meet with Aisha Francis, who's a hip-hop choreographer. Jennie can't figure out how to shake her booty at first, but Jennie thinks she'll surprise people. At least they have a halfway decent song this week. The footwork is good, but Jennie looks like she's counting in her head a little too much instead of feeling the dance. And she needs to smile more. It's a complicated dance with a lot of steps. Hey, Tori Spelling, Jennifer Esposito, and Melissa McCarthy are in the audience.

Bruno tells Jennie that she did well technically, but she kind of ran out of steam halfway through. Carrie Ann thinks it's a rough night overall, and she appreciates that Jennie went out of her comfort zone. Len says that you can't fake the samba, and he loved it. Len has a crush on Jennie, I think. After the break, Tom announces that Marie's okay, but the producers have asked her to hang out in her trailer instead of backstage with the others. What about Jennie and Derek's scores? Carrie Ann 8, Len 9, and Bruno 8. Jennie compliments Derek's teaching, and says she had fun with Aisha. Derek promises more shaking if they get to stay. Samantha basically tells people to cheat the vote by using multiple email addresses. Nice.

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