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Season 5 Performance #5

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Season 5 Performance #5

Judges? Bruno thinks Jane was steamy and sexy, but not trashy. He compares her to Edyta, which Jane finds to be a compliment. Carrie Ann thought it was elegant, but she's noticed some problems with spotting on the turns, but it's minor. Len says that Jane is super classy. He clearly didn't see her role in Wedding Crashers. Funny, but not that classy. Backstage, Samantha compliments their performance, especially after everyone was so shaken up by Marie fainting. Jane says that the tough love worked, and she loves Tony and thinks he's the best partner. Tony says that Jane is the female version of him. But what are the scores? Carrie Ann 8, Len 9, and Bruno 9.

I dream of Jeannie! Actually, it's Kym and Mark, who have been saved by their fans despite low scores from the judges. They'll be working on the samba this week. Mark explains how he's not a great dancer, but he can connect with people, especially online. Mark wants to have some input, and he thinks they should have fun and be entertaining instead of worrying about strictly following the dance steps. He actually says, "Fuck the judges," which doesn't seem so wise. Apparently, Mark is going to dress up like a nerd, but the video package craps out and there's a black screen for a while. Did Marie faint in the control room now? So they cut right to the beginning of the dance. They dance to the I Dream Of Jeannie theme. It's not bad, but Kym is doing a lot of hip-shaking to hide the fact that Mark isn't moving that much. His footwork is pretty good, and his facial mugging is less than usual. He's slightly pigeon-toed, I just noticed. The routine is cute, I guess. His fans enjoyed it, I'm sure.

But did the judges enjoy it? Carrie Ann says she liked it. She admits the technique was lacking, but it was fun. Len tells him to turn his feet out, and the crowd boos. Tom awkwardly points out that Heather Mills is in the audience, and how she only has one leg. What? Tom usually isn't that awkward. Bruno also compliments the fun, and not the technique, and the audience boos again. Oh, shut up, audience. The judges are supposed to harp on technique because God knows the home audience won't care, for the most part. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 7, and Bruno 7. So they tied Marie and Jonathan. Mark makes a nerd joke about prime numbers, and says he'll improve his technique in the future. God, Samantha is just so terrible. She has no smoothness when she interviews. She does okay (generally) when delivering the standard patter, but when she has to improv, she's terrible.

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