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Season 5 Performance #5: Results

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Season 5 Performance #5: Results

In case you thought the producers wouldn't dramatize Marie's already-dramatic fainting incident, you were wrong. They show it in slow motion AND make it black and white. And Marie's fainting incident set off a weird night where favorites like Helio got lambasted. But tonight? It's LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

How did the performers react last night? Jane was thrilled to be compared to the much-younger Edyta. Cameron joked about how difficult it was to fake being hot for Edyta, since she's so unattractive. Jennie gloats about having Len on her side. Maks grins about getting to meet the Spice Girls. We get to see the immediate aftermath of Marie fainting, and now see that when she finally came to, she got up and did a bow for the audience -- always the performer.

Len announces that Mel and Maks will be doing the encore this week. One thing I've noticed this season: I think Maks is getting better at showcasing the partnership as opposed to showcasing himself. I don't know if that's maturity on his part, or because of the partner he has this season.

After the break, it's time for Jennifer Lopez's pre-taped performance. Condolences to her family; I read today that her grandmother died and that's why the performance had to be pre-taped. J. Lo is wearing her typical flowy top to hide the face that she's totally pregnant. Or so the gossip sites claim. I'm not entirely sure why she was chosen to perform, as she is accompanied by a troop of hip-hop dancers. At one point, she bends at the waist to flip her hair upside down, and when she flips back, you can totally see her baby bump. I don't mean to be obsessed with it, but it's not like the song is any good, or even interesting.

Blah, audience reaction. Hey, Carlton from Fresh Prince is there! Heather Mills thought Marie's fall was a joke at first, as did many of us. Someone thinks that Mark and Sabrina are hooking up, which I'm sure made the ABC/Disney marketing machine happy, since they seem to be pushing that storyline pretty hard.

Time to reveal two couples who are safe: Sabrina and Mark, and Mel and Maks. After the break, Samantha is backstage with Marie and Jonathan and Helio and Julianne. Samantha asks Marie about the fainting incident. Marie suggests it may have been due to the poor air quality in California, and her allergies. She makes a joke about their scores falling faster than her body. Samantha reveals that next week is the group dance. Woo! I love the group dance! Much more potential for people running into each other. Samantha stutters through a question to Helio about how their scores have decreased over time, which seems like the wrong direction. Helio makes a joke about how he's a racecar driver, so he only has to go left.

Next week's group dance will apparently be "a rock-and-roll number," so we get to see...a Lindy? Where the dancers are all dressed up as punks. I don't know. And does anyone really say rock-and-roll anymore? I like this style of dance, but this particular routine isn't doing it for me. It's too manic -- I think they should have picked a slightly slower song.

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