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Season 5 Performance #4

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Season 5 Performance #4

Helio took a drop from the top of the leader board last week, so now he's got to climb back to the top. Helio explains it as being the hunted instead of the hunter. Julianne tries to help Helio learn the technique. She and Helio argue about whether or not they should learn the routine first, and then get into the detail work (Helio's position) or learn the details as they go (Julianne's position). Julianne wants Helio to trust her, and Helio says that they both want the same thing. So it's time for their Viennese Waltz. Wow. I actually just got the chills while they were dancing, because it was so beautiful. Helio's posture falters a little towards the end, but they are both so exuberant and smiley, and they know that they've pretty much nailed it, and it's a joy to watch. [Second viewing: His footwork and posture were not great, especially towards the end, but Julianne is a genius at using choreography to cover her partner's weaknesses.]

Judges? Carrie Ann thanks Julianne for keeping her toes on the ground in a spin that could have turned into a lift. Carrie Ann tells Helio that his dancing makes her happy to be alive, which sounds incredibly corny, but I know what she means. He's like Roberto Benigni with the joy and the enthusiasm, but not in a bad way. Len says that their engine stalled last week, but now they're revved up again. Len's only criticism is some head placement. Bruno thinks they are "a glittering combo" and he can't believe that Helio has never danced before. Tom reminds everyone that next week is Latin week, so people will be wearing very little clothing. Backstage, Helio says that he was acting as best he could. Samantha asks about their difference of opinion. Julianne says that they compromised, but Helio says the woman is always right. Scores? Three 9s. Helio and Julianne are excited.

Final scores in order:
Sabrina and Mark: 30
Cameron and Edyta: 27
Jennie and Derek: 27
Helio and Julianne: 27
Jane and Tony: 26
Mel and Maks: 26
Marie and Jonathan: 26
Floyd and Karina: 23
Mark and Kym: 22

So who's going home this week? I thought Floyd was actually overscored and that Mark's dance was better. So I'm going to say that Floyd is going home. We'll find out tomorrow night!

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