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Season 5 Performance #4

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Season 5 Performance #4

The judges loved, loved, loved it. Carrie Ann is raising the roof. No, she really is. Carrie Ann has to mention the lift, but she's over it. Len thought this dance was the perfect match for Cameron. Bruno babbles some nonsense about superheroes. Backstage, Cameron defends their lift by saying that Edyta could do it without him, because she does all the work. Cameron also hurt his hip in rehearsal that morning, and hopes it will be okay tomorrow. The scores are straight 9s. Really? I thought this was way better than Sabrina's routine.

Last week, Len thought Marie needed to lift her ribcage. Marie takes that as an insult on her midsection, which it really wasn't. It was a posture thing. Jonathan gets Marie to take a ballet class with a bunch of little girls to try to improve her core. It really would make a big difference for her if she had a stronger core. Their waltz begins, to "Can't Help Falling In Love" by Elvis. Marie has approximately three extra people's hair on her head. Ooh, they execute a floor spin that was quite amazing and well-done. They end with the same move Maks and Mel used, where they sort of stroll off the floor. [Second viewing: My one complaint would be that, instead of doing actual waltz steps, Marie sometimes seems like she is running across the floor and randomly placing her feet.]

Judges? Len thinks Marie makes people feel good, and even though the dance was gentle, it was also lovely. Bruno agreed, but he missed the character that Marie usually puts into her dances. The audience boos. Carrie Ann liked that Marie wasn't putting her spunk into it, because it was appropriate. I am just the opposite of the judges this week. I thought that was really good. What were the scores? Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 8. Backstage, Marie promises to do better for Bruno. Samantha asks how Marie remembers everything, and Marie says that she has had to forget some of her brother's names and apologizes to Jermaine and Tito. Marie also jokes that the little girls in her ballet class were reminding her to work on her core. Samantha, full of spunk tonight, even sings a little bit as she reminds people to vote.

Last week, Jennie had the big comeback. Jennie explains that her family is the most important thing in the world to her, and her husband (The Fatch!) has been picking up the slack while she's in rehearsal. Derek explains to Jennie that, in the paso doble, one dancer is the bull and the other is the cape. Jennie wonders how she's supposed to be a cape. Jennie concludes that her husband loves this dance and she hopes to make him proud. What in the hell is this music? This is the worst paso doble music, ever! The dance is okay, but I'm so distracted by the terrible music that I can't watch. And also, Derek grabs Jennie under the arms and spins her around, and both of her feet clearly come off the ground. But Ian Ziering is there to cheer her on! At the end of the dance, Jennie runs over and hugs her husband. [Second viewing: I muted the sound, and it was seriously a million times better. That song sucked.]

Start with Bruno. He compares Jennie to "Nicole Kidman in the Pride of Spain." What? He thinks Jennie has really improved, and he loves the choreography. Carrie Ann asks about the lift, and Derek grabs Jennie and tries to prove that her feet stayed on the floor. Len says he's in a lift-free zone this week, so he'll let it go, but he promises that, in the future, he will be worse than Carrie Ann about it. He tells Jennie that it was fantastic, and she squeals. Samantha says that she knew Jennie could be sweet, but is impressed by her passion. Jennie says that her husband and Derek have tried to pull the passion out, which sounds gross. And painful. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 10 (!), and Bruno 9. Jennie is as shocked as anyone about that 10.

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