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Season 5 Performance #4

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Season 5 Performance #4

Floyd faces the judges. Len says that Floyd scared him. Len loves how much effort Floyd puts in, but that causes him to lose a bit of control. However, he's always entertaining. Bruno thinks Floyd went from a bulldozer to a bullfighter, and he stayed in character. Carrie Ann has to bring up the lift thing again, though she adds that she thought it looked good. Her understanding of a lift is that it's something that you couldn't do on your own. She compliments Floyd's posture and has nice things to say about his improvement, though. What about the scores? Carrie Ann 7, Len 8, and Bruno 8. Floyd is happy with those numbers.

For some reason, they show a close-up of Len while they talk about how Mel did great with the jive last week. In rehearsal, Maks has a hard time getting Mel to focus, so they go to a meditation center. You know, as you do. Maks says he doesn't know if the meditation helped, but it was nice to have some peace and quiet. The dance starts with Mel dancing alone. She looks beautiful, but that stupid tattoo on her back is kind of ruining it for me. They dance to "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson, and the band's singer is no Kelly. What's up with Maks's hair? It's all slicked down for this more formal dance, and he looks like Joey Fatone or something. And he's wearing a bow tie that matches his vest (silver) and looks like he's going to prom. [Second viewing: Carrie Ann was right -- Mel's solo turns were a little funky, and not in a good way, since this is a waltz. But she was incredibly graceful.]

Bruno loves the elegance and says that Mel surprises him every week. Carrie Ann loves Mel's transformation, because she talks like a truck driver, but she's very graceful and womanly when she dances. Carrie Ann thinks the turns were a little off, but Bruno interrupts to say that the turns were great. Len compliments Maks's choreography and Mel's grace. Backstage, Samantha reveals that if they make it through another week, Maks will be going to London so that Mel can film the Spice Girls video. Scores? Carrie Ann 8, Len 9, and Bruno 9. At least the judges aren't just copying each other this week. Tom jokes that he can't wait to see the Spice Girls gang up on Maks. I kind of can't either, dude.

Cameron has been called Superman, so will he be able to handle the paso doble this week? After last week's show, Cameron called his son to get some sympathy from the audience -- I mean, some advice on his moves. Edyta talks about how difficult it is to choreograph a routine to the music she was given. Cameron gives a lot of suggestions, and Edyta looks exhausted and annoyed with him. They rehearse some moves that look a lot like lifts to me. Uh-oh! And...they're dancing to the theme from Superman. Really? Aren't we done with this reference yet? Edyta does a big jump that seems like a lift, but what do I know. In one shot, Cameron does that paso doble slow-walk thing, and you can see the judges clapping in the background. This was a great dance for Cameron, because it matches his natural posture and serious demeanor. [Second viewing: A few little mistakes, but I still liked it better than Sabrina's routine.]

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