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Season 5 Performance #4

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Season 5 Performance #4

But let's see what the judges think. Bruno thought it was just incredible. Carrie Ann thinks Sabrina puts her power and passion into every dance and this one was perfection. Len thinks his expectations of Sabrina are very high, and he's always looking for flaws, but tonight he didn't find any. What? I think I was watching a totally different routine. Well, maybe that's the difference between me and a professional -- namely, that I don't know what I'm talking about. Backstage, Sabrina is overwhelmed by the judges' remarks, and she's proud that she kept a serious face. Scores? 10s across the board. The first perfect score of the season! I don't get it, but whatever.

Jane managed to dance well last week, despite the recent loss of her mother. This week, she's approaching the Viennese Waltz as if it's a painting, because she's an artist. So that leads to Jane and Tony dancing with paint on their feet on a giant sheet of paper to create a painting, which I think I did in nursery school. I guess probably Jane didn't want to talk about her mom again in her package, but that was pretty lame. They waltz to that romantic classic, "Piano Man." Really? Just because it's in three-four time doesn't mean it's appropriate for a waltz, band. This dance really plays to Jane's strengths, which are grace and posture. It does look quite beautiful. [Second viewing: Yeah, both her feet are totally off the floor during the spin. But given what everyone else did, it doesn't matter. Really beautiful posture and arms, though.]

Jane and Tony face the judges. Carrie Ann thinks it was gorgeous and loved Jane's elegant lines. She was disappointed that Jane and Tony did what she considered an illegal lift, but Tony denies that it was. Len says that others have done lifts in a way, and they've let it go. Carrie Ann and Bruno argue the point and Len tells them to shut it. He loved the dance. Bruno says that Jane looked like "the queen of the fairies," and the dance was exquisite. Okay, I just went back and watched the spin Carrie Ann was discussing, and both of Jane's feet were off the ground at one point, but barely. After the break, we see the scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 9, and Bruno 9. Tony says again backstage that there was no lift. Samantha shows the instant replay and it's hard to see in slow motion, so Tony and Jane continue to protest the idea that they did a lift. Ah, who cares. It's not like they were doing flips or anything.

Floyd got low scores last week and ended up in the bottom two. Afterwards, he threw a hissyfit in the interview room and walked off. He explained that he was pissed that the judges thought he was letting Karina down, and that he had BETTER get good scores this week. I don't know if threatening the judges is really the way to go. To cheer Floyd up, they visit an elementary school and Floyd dances with the kids. Did it work? Floyd begins their paso doble holding a cape. I think that the problem with Floyd is that he just has no grace, and that's not something you can really teach; either you're graceful, or you're not. Technically, he gets most of the steps right, though he misses a few, and he has the aggression of the paso doble down pat, but it doesn't all flow together right. Near the end, Floyd does a giant leap in the air that, again, is impressive but not graceful. At the end, he spins Karina around while she is upside down and while she keeps a hand on the floor to avoid it being a lift, it's still kind of scary. Also, he had a hard time getting her into the correct position, so it was awkward. [Second viewing: Floyd never looks very sure of the moves, like he's not sure what comes next. And that last lift/spin was really awkward and ugly.]

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