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Season 5 Performance #4

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Season 5 Performance #4

Last week was the highest scoring Week 3 EVER! And the women dominated the men, score-wise. Will that trend continue? We find out tonight --- LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

Guess who's back? Samantha Harris, with some baby-enhanced boobies. She looks amazing for only a few weeks postpartum. It's kind of depressing, somehow. As the stars are introduced, it quickly becomes apparent that this week's theme is BOOBS! Damn. Marie and Julianne are particularly boobalicious. And Edyta barely has any clothes on at all. Tonight will feature the paso doble, and for the first time in the show's history, the Viennese Waltz. [This week I went back and watched all the dances a second time, so the second viewing comments are in brackets.]

Up first are Mark and Kym. Let's try to build some sympathy for him by showing him hugging his little daughter! Kym tries to teach Mark the steps on the Viennese Waltz. Mark carries a piece of paper around with him to write down the steps, and Kym tells him that he needs to drop the analysis and feel the dance. She makes him practice with his eyes closed, and she thinks it's much better. They begin their waltz to "Mr. Bojangles," and Mark's posture is quite good. The routine isn't particularly flashy, but it is pretty graceful, especially for Mark. Perhaps dance purists would find this offensive, but I find Kym's choreography to be kind of boring, and not as creative as some of the others. Near the end, Mark does some solo steps, and he's a little off the beat. [Second viewing: I see what they meant about the lift, which was sort of an assisted jump. The dance was good, but lacked intensity.]

Judges? Len jokes that he tried judging with his eyes shut and Mark looked better. The audience boos him, and Len explains that he was joking and says that Mark has become a much more rounded performer, and it was his best dance. Bruno says that Mark started well, but sort of turned into "Bigfoot in a suit." Bruno wants Mark to practice keeping up the level of intensity. Carrie Ann is pleased that Mark didn't mug so much, and while the footwork could have been better, she thinks Mark is fun to watch. Backstage, Mark says that he took Carrie Ann's advice from last week to heart and tried to feel the dance. Scores are Carrie Ann 7, Len 8, and Bruno 7. Len! With the high score! Has that ever happened before?

Sabrina and Mark are up next. In rehearsal, they discuss Len's criticism that they needed more contrast in their dance. Sabrina has a hard time with the serious paso doble, and gets the giggles often, but she knows she needs to show the judges that she can be serious. It's an interesting choice to have the women do the paso doble; I feel like that's a more difficult dance for the men. The dance begins, and Sabrina is very precise, but her dress has about twenty yards of extra fabric sewn in and it's too swirly for my tastes. Also, her "serious" face looks like she's trying to suppress a belch. They get behind on the ending and do their finishing move about three beats after the song ends, which seems wrong. And her dress is not flattering at all -- it makes her look like a linebacker. Anyway, there's a lot to criticize, in my opinion. [Second viewing: Still, eh. Good footwork, but Sabrina's facial expressions bug.]

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