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Season 5 Performance #4: Results

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Season 5 Performance #4: Results

Last night, there was a lift controversy! Sadly, on this show, that's about as controversial as it gets. It's not like they're debating universal health care or anything. But you know what this show does have going for it? It's LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

Samantha tells us that she's excited to be back in time to eliminate someone. Whuh? She's excited to tell someone to go home? That seems kind of bloodthirsty. Tom previews the upcoming episode and then throws it to the recap package.

Did any of the dancers have any interesting comments after their dances? Mark didn't. Floyd appreciates ballroom dancing now. Mel wants truck drivers to vote for her, because they're her peeps, since Carrie Ann told her she talks like one. Helio laughs that Carrie Ann told him his dancing was sunny, because his name means sun. Julianne jokes that her name means Julianne. Jane claims that she watched the playback and her foot stayed on the floor. They show the playback, and her foot was not on the floor. I hate to pick on Jane, but she might need to get her eyes checked. I don't think it's a big deal. Jennie got dinged for doing a lift too, but was still pleased with her scores. Cameron yelled that he was a dancing Superman. I still can't believe the judges didn't say anything about Karina's scary upside-down move, but I think maybe they were afraid of Floyd, since he practically threatened them in his clip package before his dance.

Tom asks Len to speak to the lift controversy. Len thinks the pros have done a great job with the choreography so far, but he begs them to avoid doing lifts in the future, and promises that lifts will be penalized from now on. He adds that they should all just move on from what happened last night and quit arguing about it. I said this on the forums, because some people were mad that Jennie, Mel, and Jane got dinged a point from Carrie Ann for their lifts, when Cameron and Floyd did not. But I really doubt that one point is going to make the difference for those three women between going home and staying, so it's a wash. Len decides that this week, Cameron and Edyta will do the encore. Cameron and Edyta pretty much repeat exactly what they did the previous night, which I liked last night, and I still do. It's cheesy, but somehow less cheesy than Joey Fatone's Star Wars theme from last season. I don't think Cameron will win this thing, but at least for me, he justified his continued participation.

After the break, Tom announces that Gloria Estefan was originally supposed to perform tonight, but couldn't appear due to a family illness (her mother, I've read on news sites), so the show's regular singers are going to perform "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You." Have I mentioned that my dad, who is not exactly a pop music fan, especially songs recorded after about 1975, loves Miami Sound Machine? The dancers come out, and there is dancing. I don't know what else to tell you.

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