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Season 5 Performance #3: Results

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Season 5 Performance #3: Results

Last night, there were leaps! And splits! And slides! And jump ropes! The women stepped up their game, and the normal standings were kind of scrambled. And it's LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

Tom and Drew greet us, and Drew gives us the news (bad news!) that this will be his last show, because Samantha is coming back next week. Already! Didn't she just have that baby, like, three weeks ago? Damn, girl! I don't know how much time it takes to host this show every week -- I imagine in addition to the nearly three hours of live show, there are rehearsals and whatnot. But it still seems quite soon. But fear not! Drew is hosting a new show called Dance Wars that starts in January, so he probably has to start getting ready for that soon. For some reason, as they quickly show shots of all the couples, Jennie Garth looks like she's crying. She is really emotionally fragile, isn't she?

So let's review what happened last night, or I'll at least report the new material and the couple's interviewed responses to the judges. Cameron is psyched about taking his scores to the next level. Mark thinks Carrie Ann was right that he needs to believe he's a dancer. Wayne chuckles that women can't be led. Floyd feels like he let Karina down, and Karina promises him that she would tell him if that were true, but it's not. Julianne speaks for Helio and explains that they'd rather be in the middle of the pack and then break out near the end of the race than be on top the whole time. Sabrina is sweaty as she giggles that she's having the time of her life. Mel is shocked and impressed that they got such high scores. Due to her accent, I thought she said she was "chocolate impressed." Marie doesn't get any new material, so I guess she had nothing interesting to say. Jane tearfully recalls that she held it together during her dance but that she's kind of falling apart now. Jennie says that she got her confidence back.

So who gets to do the encore? Jennie and Derek, who the judges say made an amazing comeback. It's pretty good once again; the most impressive part to me is a squatting spin that Derek helps Jennie do. I didn't make it sound very elegant, but it was.

In a new segment, we review each couple from bottom to top. I also reported this in yesterday's weecap, so I'm going to skip most of what they say/show, except to report that Wayne jokes that, if he stays on the show long enough, he might get a thirty from the judges. Not bloody likely, old-timer. Also, I love that Maks has been paired with someone who's even more of an attention whore than he is. It makes him seem more mellow. Now it's time to reveal the first two safe couples: Jane and Tony (and with all the trauma Jane's been through this week, it was nice of them to say her name first) and Jennie and Derek.

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