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Season 4 Performance #9

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Season 4 Performance #9

Last week was, according to Tom, the biggest shock of the season. Because Billy Ray left? That was hardly shocking. Oh, he means that Joey was in the bottom two. I think no one was more shocked than Joey. I wasn't all that shocked. I think Joey should be pleased -- now he's suddenly the underdog, instead of the smug frontrunner. It gives him a storyline.

As Apolo walks down the stairs, I'm thinking that if I had an Olympic gold medal, I would just wear it everywhere. To the store. To the drycleaner's. To the mall. To work. Who's going to say anything? Dude, you won a gold medal at the Olympics! There are few people who can make the same claim. Be proud!

The audience is so loud during the introductions that you can't really hear the hosts, but really, do they have anything important to add? Len says that the judges believe that the best four couples made it through, and they were allowed to pick their favorite dances this week, so expectations are high.

Apolo and Julianne are up first. Remember last week when Len gave them an 8 for their tango and Bruno! Was! Outraged! He yelped at Len, and I giggled. Apolo announces that they are going to do a quickstep and a cha-cha, which they did early on, to show how much Apolo has improved. They really want a 10 from Len on a ballroom dance, since they haven't had one yet. Apolo and Julianne went to "the Wango Tango event," which, what? There's an event called that? Do people just tango? And why am I thinking of chicken wings? Apolo says that he only gets more competitive as the contest gets more intense, and he's hoping for six tens in one night.

Their quickstep is up first. Julianne starts out by the judges' table, and Apolo scoots over to her fairly quickly, probably thinking of Len yelling at Maksim for taking too long to start dancing last week. Their footwork is quite impressive; this is probably the best quickstep we've seen this season. I know I've said it before, but the quickstep is one of my favorites. Terrible camera angle for the move where they kick between each other's legs; you couldn't even tell what they were doing due to Julianne's long dress. They conclude to a standing ovation, but I feel like there will be a lot of those tonight. Len thought it was fantastic. The other judges are equally complimentary. Backstage, Apolo repeats his desire to show his improvement from the early days of the competition. The judges reveal their scores to be 10, 10, and 10 for a perfect 30 out of 30. Samantha tries to get Apolo to make a prediction about his goal of getting all perfect scores, but Apolo is either humble or has had some media training, because he refuses to step into her trap.

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