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Season 4 Performance #9: Results

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Season 4 Performance #9: Results

Tom explains that last night was "the highest level of performance ever seen" due to the high scores. I don't know that the judges' generosity necessarily reflects the highest level of performance ever. Frankly, I don't know that the public's voting preferences reflect the highest level of performance. Anyway, tonight will be the cruelest cut, according to Tom. Let's get to it!

Sam claims that all of the remaining couples "deserve" to go to the finals. Should she really be saying that? Because now whoever does get cut could lodge a complaint with the National Reality Show Dancing Federation or something. After Apolo and Julianne's first dance, Julianne is so fired up that she starts giggling and then actually snorts. Len didn't like their raunch, but Apolo didn't care. Laila and Maksim were the first couple to get a perfect 60 for the night. Ian came into the finals without ever getting a 10 before, and garnered one for his first dance from Len of all people. The pressure off, he did a fantastic jive and ended up with a perfect score for it from all three judges. Joey was on the comeback trail after being in the bottom two last week, and he also earned a perfect 60 for the night. Afterwards, he was still nervous about going home because of what happened last week. As a reminder, Laila and Joey were tied at 60 according to the judges, Apolo was right behind with 59, and Ian was at 58.

Let's hear what the judges thought about last night and who they would like to see again! Len thought it was the best semifinal he's ever seen, so it was hard to pick, and then he claims that he chose Joey and Kym's jive just so Carrie Ann can have Joey lying across the desk again. I feel like Joey might have pulled something leaping off the desk – his split-toe jump and split down to the floor weren't quite as spectacular as last night. Then again, last night, he had the adrenalin going for him. When they finish, Tom pimps Len's new DVD, and after seeing Len dancing last night, I would actually watch that.

Enrique Iglesias is here to sing "Hero." Gosh, I hate this song. And he's a really, really bad singer. Have you ever noticed that his features are too small for his face? It's like he's got extra head left over. Performing are Alec and Edyta, and Karina and Louis. Hey, I read on the gossip websites that Mario Lopez and Karina just moved in together. Good for them, I guess. I notice that the male pros talk to their partners a lot during the dance. I wonder what that's about. It should be like a football game, where the coach is miked so we can go behind the scenes. There's probably much less cursing, though. Enrique could have dressed up a little. He's wearing jeans and sneakers. I think Enrique should be a contestant next season. Thought I'm still not giving up on the Rick Springfield idea. As Tom tells us about the tour, there's an older guy standing and clapping for the performance and sneaking nervous glances at the camera. He's my favorite audience member of all time, beating out Peach Pit Nat.

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