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Season 4 Performance #8

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Season 4 Performance #8

There are only five couples left! And all of them but Billy Ray deserve to be here. The celebrities are labeled "The Showman" (Joey), "The Fighter" (Laila), "The Perfectionist" (Ian), "The Olympian" (Billy Ray...just kidding, it's Apolo, obviously), and "The Crazy Bear" (Billy Ray). Wait, "the crazy bear"? "BEAR"? Did Bruno call him that? And if so, why repeat it? And didn't he call someone else a cockerel? This show is wacky.

The couples are introduced, and I realize that we haven't had a good production gaffe in a few weeks. I miss that. I love when the cameras are suddenly focusing on the floor for no apparent reason. I don't get why the show has to be ninety minutes long, since we just spent two or three minutes watching the contestants stand there and bop around to the theme music. Tom and Samantha remind us that the contestants will be doing two dances again tonight.

Up first are Ian and Cheryl. Tom reminds us that Ian is coming off his breakout week, when he was finally able to loosen up a bit and get "9"s across the board. As we watch their rehearsal, Ian tells us that he wanted to do something special for Cheryl's birthday, so he brings her a cake and balloons, and they end up having a cake fight. Cheryl says that they are doing the rumba, which is sensual, and Ian says that he's glad they are doing this a few weeks into the competition, since they are more comfortable with one another now. Their other dance this week is the foxtrot. Ian thinks that this season is the toughest one yet, and that he and Cheryl are peaking at just the right time.

Their foxtrot begins, and Cheryl is wearing an outfit that was found in the castoff bin from The Chronicles Of Narnia, white with lots of fur trim. They're dancing to "Baby, It's Cold Outside," which isn't exactly seasonally appropriate. I can't speak much about the technical aspects of their dance, but they manage to put a lot of facial expressions into it in a non-cheesy way, which is tough. Ian does a few leaps, which are not that graceful, and they also include some Rockette kicks, which don't really belong outside of Radio City Music Hall or possibly a junior high cheerleading squad. They line up to hear what the judges thought. Len thinks it was a dip from previous weeks, because it wasn't smooth and gliding enough. Bruno agrees that it was too hoppy and skippy. Carrie Ann points out how great their exuberance was. Random celebrity sighting: Marilu Henner.

Backstage, Ian seems subdued after the judges' words, but he has some nice words about how grateful he is for Cheryl's talents. They get an 8, 7, and 7 for a total of 22 out of 30. Not good at this stage in the competition.

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