Dancing With The Stars
Season 18, Performance 2

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The Non-Sensual Rumba

All right, people. [cracks knuckles] Let's do this thing.

The show opens with one of my favorite things – a giant dance number that incorporates each couple, the judges, Erin Andrews, and some great dancing from the pros. Why wasn't Tom in there dancing? Come on, Tom.

Tom and Erin welcome us and reminds us that the stars chose their own dance style this week (although some of them didn't seem to remember doing so, which is all a little fishy). And the next bombshell: tonight is a double elimination. And since the scoring is based on last week's votes and judges' scores, they could announce the elimination at any time. I mean, why make it less cruel and just announce it now when you can torture these poor people? Anyway, they start off by telling Drew and Cheryl that they are safe, and that they are going to dance right now.

They have the jive this week. As they rehearse, Drew realizes that he's more comfortable performing in front of the crowd and feels extra awkward in rehearsal. Interesting; that's probably the reverse of most of the contestants. Anyway, it's time for their routine! Cheryl's no dummy and she takes at least eight measures before she makes Drew start dancing with lots of what Len would call faffing about. Drew looks like he's having fun but his arm and foot placement isn't nearly as precise as it should be for a jive. If he can work on precision, he might go far; his basic moves are pretty good.

Judges? Len liked Cheryl's mix of steps and Drew was very entertaining, although he needs to work on technique. Bruno thinks that Drew is a professional entertainer because he covered his minor mistakes very well. Carrie Ann enjoys Drew's vitality and spring in his step, and thinks he'll like his scores. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 7, and Bruno 7. Drew seems pleased.

More results: Billy Dee and Emma are safe. Wow. Really? I guess he got some friends to pull a Jedi mind trick on the voters. Meryl and Max are also safe. Danica and Val are also safe, and they are dancing right now.

Danica chose the samba for her dance. In rehearsal, Val says that he wanted them to stand out from the crowd more, but Danica was happy with their scores. Val says he's pushing her with the difficulty this week and Danica is stressed out with the reduced rehearsal time. So how did it all works out? First off, Danica looks sexy as hell. She is working it. And they do an amazing samba roll. But there's something missing from her dancing and I can't pinpoint it exactly. It's like she's an 8 or a 9 at this point, but I can't see her getting a 10. Maybe the judges can help. I also want to complain about the camera work so far in this episode; they keep cutting to close-ups and I can't see the footwork. Stop that, producers.

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