Dancing With The Stars
Season 17, Performance 5

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My Favorite Year

So here is the leaderboard at this point:

Christina and Mark: 28

Corbin and Karina: 28

Jack and Cheryl: 27

Snooki and Sasha: 27

Brant and Peta: 27

Amber and Derek: 26

Elizabeth and Val: 26

Bill and Emma: 24

Leah and Tony: 22

Once Tom and Brooke deliver the news to everyone, we are left with three couples in jeopardy: Elizabeth and Val, Leah and Tony, and Christina and Mark. But Elizabeth and Val are safe. So now it's down to Leah or Christina. Brooke reminds us that these are not necessarily the bottom two, and then Tom says that Christina and Mark are going home. Wow. She got ZERO audience support. She had the highest score tonight! Leah and Tony are shocked too. That's rough, because it basically means that people didn't like you. It's not that she wasn't a great dancer, and it's not that the judges gave her low scores, so what else is there? I think she should have given a sob story. That might have helped.

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Dancing With The Stars




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