Dancing With The Stars
Season 17, Performance 5

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My Favorite Year

Judges? Len loved the passion and the chemistry. Bruno loved how Brant threw himself into the dance and acted it wonderfully. Carrie Ann thought Brant's movements were really driven by passion. I guess he wasn't supposed to point his toes then. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 9.

Amber's most memorable year was 2009, because she was working retail, and she tried out for and was rejected from American Idol. But then she booked Glee, and the rest is history. They have the foxtrot to "Try a Little Tenderness" and here's my problem with this routine: this song is all buildup and they cut out all the buildup except for like eight bars. I understand that they don't have a ton of time, and it would be difficult to dance to those opening bars, because they're so slow. But I think this routine would have been more effective with more buildup. That said, Amber does an amazing job and it's a delight to watch.

Judges? Bruno says that it was sensation and she's a performing powerhouse. Carrie Ann thinks that Amber makes it look easy, and she only had one little slip. Len thinks that Amber lights the place up, but he wanted to see more foxtrot and more in hold, which he did see from the others tonight. Derek says that he prepped Amber for that critique based on his choreography. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 7, and Bruno 10. Wow, that was low from Len. I thought an 8 at least.

Hey, remember in week one when I said that if Elizabeth didn't do a routine to "I'm So Excited" by the Pointer Sisters, I would riot? Riot averted, because she's totally doing the jive to it this week. Anyway, her most memorable year was when her son was born. So she's recreating a scene from a show she was on at 15? Not sure how that works. Anyway, they start with a skit recreating the famous scene, but then the dance doesn't quite work for me for some reason. I can't pinpoint why. It's a little manic? Which fits the scene, but I was expecting more control or something.

Judges? Carrie Ann saw a few small slips but thanks Elizabeth for taking her back. Len thought the kicks were sharp and clean, unlike Carrie Ann. Bruno thought it was really fun, and it took him back to his days doing music videos. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 9, and Bruno 9. I thought it was more 8 than 9, but I can't argue.

Before Elizabeth and Val even leave, Tom tells them that they're in jeopardy. Val immediately says, "Thanks, Carrie Ann." I'm pretty sure he's kidding, since that one point wouldn't make a difference, but it cracked me up.

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