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Season 17, Performance 5

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My Favorite Year

Judges? Bruno thought Jack's dancing was wonderful, and his footwork was light and musical. Carrie Ann loves who graceful Jack is, and his technique was sure-footed and musical. Len loved that Jack had big, flowing movement and stayed in hold much of the time, but he needs to work on his hands. So I'm the only one who's bothered by his facial expressions. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 9. Hmm, I thought that was a bit overscored.

Leah's most important year was this past year, because she left Scientology and it's been a huge challenge, but it's also shown her how strong she can be. She has contemporary, which is not Tony's strength. Leah jokes that they could get Corbin to choreograph it, but then she comes up with the idea of Tony being a puppetmaster, and she's the marionette, but then she breaks free. Leah is great in the dance, all attitude and she actually looks graceful and executes the moves well. But the choreography is seriously terrible. Like, I made up better routines with my classmates for the sixth grade talent show. I don't know what Tony was thinking. I mean, it got Leah's idea across for sure, but it was very literal.

Judges? Carrie Ann loved the concept and the message, but felt that the lifts were a little rough. Len loved the concept and the action between the two of them, even if the lifts were labored. Bruno loved that Leah fought back, because it was a lot to take on, and her performance was very effective. Tony says that he understands the judges' critiques, but he's so proud of Leah for how far she's come. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 7, and Bruno 8. Leah is pissed, but she claims that she's proud that she got through it. I wish Leah were on any other season. She would be a contender.

Corbin has chosen 2011 as his most memorable year, because his younger sister was diagnosed with scoliosis, and she had to wear a brace 24/7. Corbin is really proud of her positive attitude. Anyway, Corbin's foxtrot is…fine. It's not as eclectic as some of his previous routines and his footwork suffers a little bit when they're not in hold. When they are in hold, it looks beautiful, though.

Judges? Len loved that Corbin got immediately into character, and he looked great in hold. Bruno tells Corbin that he could be the lovechild of Fred Astaire and Ben Vereen. Corbin considers that a huge compliment. Carrie Ann argues that they had a lift in the beginning, although Karina assure her that they didn't. Tom asks if Carrie Ann would give the point back later if they can get a replay and determine that it wasn't a lift. Carrie Ann says that if it's possible, she would be happy to give the point back. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 10. So Carrie Ann would have given a 10 if not for the lift she thought she saw. I'm just going to save us all the time because Tom says later that the scores are supposed to be final based on what the judges saw, so they won't go back and look. But I went back and looked and from the angle we saw, it was impossible to tell. It looks like her foot stayed on the floor, but her dress was in the way, so who knows?

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