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Season 17 Performance 3

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It's Hollywood night! I don't know what that means. They are going to dance to songs from the movies? They are going to dress like "movie stars" which is a very nebulous concept? They aren't going to talk at all and it's a tribute to silent movies? That would be kind of great, actually. So far it means that they're going to do a little skit to Bjork's "It's Oh So Quiet" where they're all playing cards in a speakeasy. I don't really get how that is Hollywood but let's just go with it.

After they finish, Tom tells us that Bill Nye has a badly torn tendon in his leg, so he may or may not be competing tonight. That's later, though. Now, Leah and Tony have a James Bond-themed rumba. Leah knows that she needs to work on her sexy face, and she's totally right. I’m glad she realizes that because it was very, very bad. Tony wants Leah to stop comparing herself to others, but Leah knows how to play the game and explains that she wants the viewers to know how hard she is working. Well, their rumba isn't terrible. Leah has some good hip action in the beginning but it kind of disappears, and in her efforts to be dramatic, she sometimes loses the fluidity of the dance.

Judges? Len loved the chemistry, but would like to see more fluidity in the arms. Bruno thought she was so sexy that it turned him straight and she really got into character, and he thinks Leah went out of her comfort zone. Carrie Ann thought her arms were actually good, although they got locked up at one point, and she found it steamy. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, and Bruno 8. Overscored. It wasn't that good.

Injury update: Brant hurt his foot and has been wearing a boot all week. Bill Nye tore his quadricep and wasn't allowed to dance all week. So even if he can dance tonight, he'll be unrehearsed. No, thank you.

Karina and Corbin have the quickstep. Karina's goal is to have the fastest quickstep in the history of the show. Corbin reminds her that he's never done ballroom dancing before, and he's a little lost. Their routine is technically perfect and I'm once again struck by how unfair it is that he's in this competition. I never felt this way before with any of the other so-called "ringers," not even Nicole Scherzinger. But it all seems so effortless and if you were watching the show for the first time, I don't know that you could pick out whether Corbin or Karina was the pro. If someone's that good from week one on, it all just feels a little unfair. That's no offense to Corbin; he's obviously working really hard, but he is either a dancing phenom, or his dancing background is giving him a leg up on the competition.

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