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Season 17 Performance 2

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Emotional Breakdown

Valerie has the paso doble this week, and she falls down in rehearsals due to her wonky knee. But she tells Tristan they can just shoot her up with whatever they give horses to get them back on the track, because her knee isn't going to cause her to quit. Tristan gets really touched watching Valerie rehearse and even sheds a tear. Aw. Anyway, Valerie gets a little lost in the beginning of their dance and you can see it on her face. She needs to learn to fake it better. I hope they give her a happy dance, like a waltz, if she makes it through. I want to see her gliding and beaming, not confused and wobbly. She makes a good recovery near the end, though.

Judges? Len says she started alone and had the Spanish movements, but she seemed unsure. Bruno liked her grandeur and tons of content, even if she messed up the footwork. Carrie Ann knows that Valerie doesn't want to be given accommodations for her illness, and the beginning and ending were great, but she looked lost in the middle. Valerie agrees. God, I wish she could have been on this show five years ago. She would have been amazing. Scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 6, and Bruno 7. Valerie thinks it's fair.

Brant is another one I completely forgot about. He and Peta have the rumba this week. Peta suggests that Brant stare at Carrie Ann and give her the sex eyes. Well, Brant does a great job with the sexing up aspect of the rumba. Like I thought they were going to go at it on the dance floor. And his arms looks great. His posture needs a little work. But I was impressed.

Judges? Bruno says that it's a difficult dance and he did really well. Carrie Ann loves their chemistry, but more importantly, Brant can really dance. Len thinks they look terrific together, but his feet are pigeon toed. Len is super cranky about Brant. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 7, and Bruno 8.

Amber and Derek are the last dance of the night. They have the jive this week which takes a lot of stamina, and I fear that may be Amber's weakness. Amber jokes in rehearsal that she doesn't want to do the jive because she has boobs. Girl, strap those things down. Amber concludes that she doesn't want people to think that she can really move for her size; she just wants them to see her as a great dancer. Their jive is really good but it's not great, especially since this is usually one of Derek's best dances. Emmy-winner Derek Hough, by the way. Did you see him on the Emmys? I was really proud.

Judges? Carrie Ann says she was sometimes flat-footed but she's a great dancer. Len calls her a "great big bundle of joy" (okay?) but she needs to be sharper. Bruno thinks she's irresistible but agrees that she needs to be sharper. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, and Bruno 8. I think she will be much better at some future routines.

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