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Season 17 Performance 2

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Emotional Breakdown

Brooke's backstage interviews are still so useless. I'm glad they are marginalizing her even more. Anyway, in rehearsals, Jack and Cheryl have trouble with the rumba because Jack doesn't feel sexy. And it doesn't help when his mom comes to watch. I have to say, Jack looked really good out there! He looks like the stars are supposed to look in the second week. He doesn't miss a step and his extension is good. He's still got some work to do, but he looks like a dancer.

Judges? Len liked the control and fluidity, although his hands were a little weird at times. Bruno is really impressed with Jack's progress in just two weeks. Carrie Ann loves Jack's nobility and says that he transports her to another time. I don't know what the means. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, and Bruno 8. In any other season, he would be a frontrunner.

Keyshawn's rehearsal package doesn't show a whole lot of rehearsal. It's more about showing his fellow commentators talk about how hard he's working. Keyshawn and Sharna have the samba and they're dancing to James Brown, so that's a plus. He's definitely moving a lot better this week but I don't see a ton of samba in there. He also nearly drops Sharna on her head. It was fun to watch but I don't know how good the technique was.

Judges? Bruno loves that Keyshawn went for it and enjoyed himself, but he needs to learn to count and keep time. Keyshawn gets emotional and says that Sharna has made this experience great for him. Carrie Ann loved seeing him move and asks him to finish his moves. Len liked watching him move too, and says there was definite improvement. Scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 6, and Bruno 6. Man, their critique did not match those scores, although I thought the scores were fair.

Snooki has the rumba this week, so Sasha tries to give her the storyline they're telling in their dance and explain that it has to be sensual. Snooki is worried that her fiancé won't like it, but they move ahead anyway. She jokes that she's going to get pregnant with these moves. Look, either you like Snooki and think she's funny, which I kind of do, or you don't, and she annoys you. I don't think she's going to do anything on this show to change anyone's mind about her personality. She cracks me up. Anyway, her rumba is nowhere near fluid enough and she doesn't give into the emotion enough. She goes from pose to pose but I don't feel the emotion or the passion. She's holding back.

Judges? Carrie Ann tells her that the face was there but it lacked fluidity and passion and there were two lifts. Len says it was neat and nice, which is both good and bad. Bruno tells her to learn to sustain a character throughout and never stop moving. Snooki stopped listening like ten minutes ago. Scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 7, and Bruno 7. Tom gets Carrie Ann to clarify that her score would have also been a 7 if there had been no lifts.

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