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Season 17 Performance 10

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Sexy And I Know It

The show opens with a beautiful pro dance that kind of reminded me of the dance in Romeo and Juliet for some reason. It was really lovely, though, and I like nothing better than seeing all the pros dancing together. Also, Maks is a guest judge tonight.

Leah and Tony are up first tonight, hoping to make it into the finals next week. This week, the couples are doing two dances to the same song; the first is regular and the second is acoustic. The first one for Leah and Tony is the paso doble to "Bad Romance." Leah's footwork is good and her face is good but she's not performing this routine as well as she has in the past. She seems less sure of the steps. On their final pass, her heel gets caught in her skirt and she nearly falls on a turn but manages to power through to the end.

Judges? Len thought it was a little bit careful and she didn't attack the routine. Bruno misses the aggression, and advises her to lift her chest and shoulders. Carrie Ann liked the drama, but the turns were wobbly and she needs to be error free. Maks can't believe he gets to be a judge. He liked that it had both rhythm and shape, and he doesn't care that she stepped on her skirt. He just wants to see Leah match Tony's emotion. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, Maks 8, and Bruno 8. Leah looks PISSED. She has the worst poker face, but I kind of love it.

Corbin and Karina got their first perfect score last week, although so did Elizabeth and she went home. Karina wants to put a jump into her routine, but Corbin thinks they'll get docked a point because it's considered a lift. Karina brings up that she and Maks were engaged, and now they're not together, but she think he'll be fair and recognize a jump isn't a lift. Their tango is up first. Well, I will say this for their tango; it's theatrical. There are cloaks and flames and glitter and more flames and leather vests. But how's the dancing? It's fine. It's a really fast tango so there's not as much footwork as I normally like, and Corbin is almost too muscular to have a good frame or something. It's good but it's a bit too frantic for me.

Judges? Bruno loved the passion and attack, but it made them lose the frame at times. Carrie Ann thought it was hot and she'd like to see it again. Maks thought it was amazing, and there was tons of content, so he doesn't worry about frame and posture since it's not ballroom competition. Len thought it was too full on for a tango, and there weren't any dynamics with calm and attack. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 8, Maks 9, and Bruno 9.

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