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Season 16 Performance 8

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Len Blows Up

Tom introduces all of the couples and announces that everyone will have to do two full routines tonight. The first will be their regular routine, and for the second, they will be partnered with another pro for a three-person dance. They did this last season and I had my doubts, but it turned out kind of cool. It's always interesting to me to see the star dance with another pro - sometimes they do a lot better. I wish we were more privy to the ego-bashing that must happen, but the show apparently wants to keep that behind the scenes, or only address it in a joking manner. Pity.

Zendaya and Val have the foxtrot this week. Val wants Zendaya to be more competitive and Zendaya wants Val to lighten up. They're dancing to "Don't Worry, Be Happy" which Zendaya loves. Of course she does. She farts rainbows. I'm trying to find flaws in this routine, and I really don't see any, and yet it's not clicking for me. I think I just hate this song, like all right-thinking people do. The whole thing is a little too "Aren't I cute? Look how cute I am? I'm like a hamster on a piano." And I'm grouchy, so it doesn't work for me. That said, the technique looks great and Zendaya has beautiful lines.

Judges? Len thinks that Zendaya is just getting stronger as the competition goes on. Bruno calls her "a breath of fresh air" with "incredible musicality." Carrie Ann says that she thought they didn't start strong, but they were great overall. The judges start arguing amongst one another as Zendaya and Val exit. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 10, and Bruno 9.

I always forget Sean is still in this thing. Why is Sean still in this thing? I could go to bed ten minutes earlier if Sean wasn't here. Not really, but he does feel like a waste of space. Anyway, Peta and Sean have the tango this week, so Peta works with Sean on having attack and being aggressive. She was right to be worried. He does okay with the footwork of the tango but he just doesn't have the aggressive posture or, more importantly, facial expressions. He looks worried more than angry. His feet are flat or wrong somehow and his frame is kind of weak. He's adequate.

Judges? Bruno thinks he lost his footwork and he doesn't sustain his dancing and loses it halfway through. Carrie Ann agrees that he's back to being inconsistent with no musicality. Len liked the punch and attack, but the attack meant that he lost the beauty of the dance. Len actually calls it "a little bit ugly." Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 7, and Bruno 7.

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