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Season 16 Performance 8: Results

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Hit the Road, Jack

The show opens with a number by the troupe, which...yawn. And then a quick recap of last night's dances and judging.

And then right to the first results of the night! The first couple going to the semifinals is Ingo and Kym. Whoa. They are shocked. I'm a little bit shocked that they didn't save them for the fake bottom three, since everyone would expect it. And who's in jeopardy? Kellie and Derek. They don't look worried. Well, Kellie does maybe. I think she has tears in her eyes, but she's trying to seem okay and Derek is subtly comforting her.

Tom asks Len which trio routine they want to see again, and Len says that of course they want to see Derek and Kellie. Just kidding. They want to see Val and Zendaya with Gleb. You know what my biggest problem with this routine is? If they really wanted to highlight Zendaya, they should have put her in another color. All three of them are wearing all white. This would have been a lot cooler if she were wearing gold or red or something.

Results! Zendaya and Val got high scores in their first dance and then a perfect score in their second one. Jacoby watched their second dance from the balcony and wondered what he was going to do with that. Val confesses that Zendaya messed up like three times in that routine, but she covered it really well. I guess! Jacoby tells Karina that when he ripped his shirt open, he gave himself a wedgie. Heh. He covered that up well too. He was upset after his second dance, because he wanted his scores to be higher. They should've been.

So which of these two couples is moving on to the semifinals? Zendaya and Val. I mean, of course. Jacoby and Karina are in jeopardy. The audience boos, and Jacoby yells that it "ain't the first time." I'm getting a little worried. Sean and Peta should be going home, but if they don't, we could lose Kellie or Jacoby and that would be a huge shame.

Brooke interviews Kellie and Derek and shows them some footage of what happened after their got the scores from their paso. Basically, Carrie Ann and Bruno harangued Len for his 7, and Carrie Ann accused Len of robbing Kellie of her perfect score. Len claims that Kellie's dance was no better than Sean's, which come on, Len. Let's not get crazy. Brooke tells Derek that Len thought their dance didn't have enough paso content, and Derek disagrees, but mildly, and he and Kellie joke that "everybody likes their coffee different." Derek concludes that he watched it later and he still liked the routine and thought Kellie was amazing.

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