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Season 16 Performance 7

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Dance It Off

Judges? Len thinks they played their roles to perfection, but Zendaya needs to lift her chin sometimes. Bruno liked the flamenco beginning but Len was right about her chin. Carrie Ann thought it was beautiful, especially her lines, although it seemed to be missing some of the background strength. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 9.

So now Brooke has to announce who has immunity. Since there is a tie at the top, they have to go to the highest cumulative scores, and that means that Kellie and Derek have immunity. They seem surprised. Mark looks pissed. While we wait for this dance-off to begin, we're going to see a performance from Latin Grammy winner Juanes.

I don't understand this dance-off at all. Aly and Mark, with the highest scores, get to choose which couple they will dance against, and they choose Andy and Sharna, who choose the cha cha. Mark looks terrified and in pain. God knows Mark is not my favorite, but I feel a little bad for him.

Aly and Mark go first, and Aly is still dancing her ass off. It's funny because usually Mark outdances his partners so much that this week really shows how he could tone it down and let his partner shine, if he chose to do so. Andy and Sharna have a rough start and while there are flashes of a good routine, Andy is still just stepping through the motions. Len admires that Andy was cheering for Aly, Bruno thought they both did a fantastic job, and Carrie Ann loves that Andy never gives up. But obviously Aly was better, and they win unanimously, so she gets an extra three points.

Now it will be Zendaya and Val choosing their opponent, and they pick Jacoby and Karina, who were tied with them. Jacoby and Karina choose the jive, obviously. And I don't know how they are going to pick a winner. Zendaya was more technically correct - I seriously don't think she made one mistake - and yet Jacoby has so much more flavor in his routine. It really feels like he just got out there and danced from his soul instead of doing step two three four. Bruno says it was like watching two champions, Carrie Ann loves that it was two equally-matched couples, and Len adds that it was a tough call. Ultimately, Zendaya and Val get the points.

That means that Sean and Peta are going up against Ingo and Kym in the rumba, which they both danced tonight already. Sean's arms are better but he really does stick his butt out - he looks like he's pooping at one point. I think Peta's choreography is better for this type of routine - it's short and flashy. Ingo does fine but he still looks stiff. I would pick Sean and Peta. Carrie Ann thinks Ingo showed improvement, Len thinks there is a clear winner, and Bruno calls it "the battle of the hunks." Carrie Ann and Len vote for Ingo, while Bruno votes for Sean, so Ingo gets the points.

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