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Season 16 Performance 7

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Dance It Off

In rehearsals, Mark is carrying Aly around on his shoulders and hurts his back or neck. He goes to the doctor (and wears his fedora, as you do while also wearing a hospital gown) and learns that he might not be able to dance on Monday. Aly rehearses with Henry all week. Will Mark be able to join her in dancing the salsa? I guess so, since he's wearing a special blue fedora and lime green spectator shoes. I don't know if Mark's wearing a back brace or if he's just stiff, but you can tell that something's up with him. Aly, on the other hand, is dancing her ass off. She throws herself into this routine like she never has before, and it's pretty great. This might be the first routine of theirs that I really liked. Maybe it's because Mark couldn't overdance the way that he usually does?

Judges? Bruno tells Aly that it was uplifting and a "delicious cocktail of tropical flavors." Carrie Ann loved it and she was happy that the real Aly finally came out. Len thought it was sharp and fruity, although he would have liked a little more recognizable salsa. Carrie Ann and Bruno tease him for his grouchiness. Mark looks like he is in a huge amount of pain. I almost hope they don't have to dance again, because I don't know if he'll make it. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 9, and Bruno 10. So what do they do if there's a tie for the immunity/lead?

Sean has the rumba this week, but he has a hard time getting into sexy character, so Peta brings in his fiancé so he can practice his sexy moves. Although they haven't yet had sex. Or maybe they have, if you believe the tabloids. Anyway, he totally feels her up and Peta feels like she's intruding. So will Sean be able to do that with Peta? Sean does a good job with the tone of the dance, and with the poses and the lifts. But his hip action is awful and his arms are pretty stiff instead of fluid. He's middling.

Judges? Carrie Ann is impressed because he listened to the judges telling him to listen to the music, and she loved their chemistry, although she did see an illegal lift. Len thought that Sean was a little wooden, especially his hands, which were flopping around. I agree, Len. Bruno thought it was much better than past weeks, although Sean does have a tendency to stick his butt out. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, and Bruno 8.

Zendaya has the paso doble this week, and she thinks that Val is always intense, but she's pretty laid back, so she needs to match his energy. She does a good job with her intensity but there was something missing from this performance for me. There were a couple of tiny missteps in the beginning and after that, Zendaya seemed a little too in her head instead of dancing full out. I'm probably on crack, though. The judges seem to love her no matter what.

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