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Season 16 Performance 7

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Dance It Off

Kellie had a bunch of concerts on the road this week, so Derek had to travel with her and rehearse. Plus they had to learn all of the routines for the immunity dance. So we'll see if they can "wing it" as Kellie says. It doesn't look like they winged it, but honestly the chorography seemed a little simpler than Derek usually creates. It was a good samba and for anyone else, it would be a pretty great samba, but it seemed quite basic. They do this section in the middle where they pretend to be in slow motion which is a great concept but it wasn't quite executed perfectly and it wasn't clear to me what they were trying to do at first, so I don't know about that. The ending move was really quick and cool, and something I haven't seen before; I can't even describe it but it was a turn with a dip and a twist and lots of other moves as well.

Judges? Carrie Ann says that Kellie has every line perfect and pristine, but she needs to add in more emotional connection. Len thought it was crisp and clean and he disagrees with Carrie Ann on the performance aspect. Bruno says something I can't hear at all because the audience is cheering, but basically he agrees with Len. He even thinks the content was amazing, which was the part I didn't love. Hmm. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 10, and Bruno 10. And Derek apologizes to his grandparents for going shirtless. Aw, that was kind of sweet. Mark Ballas would never apologize.

Andy Dick has the rumba this week and he's a little worried about his ability to play the sexy Latin lover. Sharna has wisely choreographed a comic routine where she's a gold digger and he's a rich guy so she's trying to use her sexuality to get some diamonds, and he just wants to get some. So the dancing is basically just Andy walking through the routine; there is zero hip action at all and it barely looks like a rumba. And yet, it's entertaining to watch. We've gotten to the point in the season where he should really only make it one or two more weeks; if he stays and someone like Jacoby or Kellie goes home, that's really unfair.

Judges? Len loved the entertainment value of the dance and Andy's enthusiasm, but it was more erratic than erotic, since it lacked hip action and movement. Bruno recognized the allusion to Gene Kelley and Cyd Charisse that I didn't get (from Singin' In the Rain), and tells Andy that he's doing the steps but he's not feeling the music. Carrie Ann advises him to incorporate his arms more into the dance. Scores: Carrie Ann 5, Len 6, and Bruno 6. Ouch.

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