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Season 16 Performance 7

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Dance It Off

In the introduction, Tom said something about winning immunity? Is this Survivor all of a sudden? I don't know how I feel about this. I guess the couple with the highest score after the first round gets immunity, which doesn't mean all that much since they would likely be safe anyway.

Jacoby and Karina are up first with the salsa. During their first day of rehearsals, Karina tries a lot of lifts and Jacoby ends up with a lot of kicks to the face. So Jacoby takes the next day off to get a massage and do some icing. He explains that in football, the players get a day off after games, and he's not used to this grueling schedule. I feel him, but everyone else is doing it, so... anyway, he returns the next day and Karina seems pretty happy with how rehearsals are going.

Did their lack of rehearsal time hurt them? It seems like it actually did a little bit. This dance feels a little unfocused. It doesn't help that there are a ton of lifts, and I'm not a huge fan of those because it feels more like gymnastics and less like dancing. He has good hip action and posture, although he's still pigeon-toed. They do one move where I think Jacoby is going to leap over Karina's head (as they've done the past two weeks) but instead she falls backwards and he catches her with his head between her legs. I don't love that move, although I've seen others do it many times. Usually it's the pro doing the leaping though. Anyway, it was fine but not my favorite dance of his.

Judges? Len loved it but would have liked fewer lifts. Agreed, Len. Jacoby's mom heckles Len from the audience. Bruno has a lot of praise for Jacoby's hip action. Carrie Ann says that Jacoby could fart salsa. Ew, gross. I don't mind fart talk but that made me thinks about tomatoes and onions coming out of his butt. Oh, Lord. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 9.

Ingo has the rumba, and during rehearsals, he's really worried about getting the hip action right. He was correct to be worried; when they start dancing, he looks fine at first but when they get to those rumba figure-eights with the hips, it's...not so good. He just doesn't have the fluidity that this dance requires. It looks like a series of poses in between attempts to shake his butt unsuccessfully. And on some of the strength moves, he stumbles a bit. You'd think a soap actor could fake being sexy a little bit better.

Judges? Bruno says that the hip action wasn't fluid enough, and he lost the timing near the end. Carrie Ann thought his form was nice but his hip action wasn't good enough. Len gets to be the hero by saying that he thought Ingo's arms were great and while the dance wasn't perfect, it was pretty good. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 8, and Bruno 7.

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