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Season 16 Performance 7: Results

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In rehearsals this week, they were horsing around and Jacoby threw a football and hit Kym in the face from like four feet away. Yikes. Brooke (as she did last night) calls Jacoby's teammates "ballers." No one ever says that about football players. Basketball players, sure. In 1987. But not football. Please stop saying that, Brooke.

One of the people injured in the Boston Marathon bombings was a ballroom dancer, and she lost her left leg below the knee. We see a clip package about her recovery, her support network, and her desire to continue dancing. Tom tells us that they are going to continue following her and I guess she'll dance on the show at some point? They are very vague about that last part.

Stars of Dance. Fire. Violin. Contemporary. Drums.

The pros do a routine next that's really captivating but mostly because all of the female pros are wearing blonde afros, and the whole time, I am trying to figure out which pro is which. I still don't know. Maybe they weren't the normal pros.

Results from Sean and Peta. They were a little disappointed with their scores, but they got lucky. Andy and Sharna had a lot of fun with terrible scores. Carrie Ann explains that she gave them a 5 because there was a lift. Did she mention that in her remarks? I don't think she did. Anyway, I don't think there's any doubt which of these two couples is in jeopardy, right? Sean and Peta are safe, and Andy and Sharna are in jeopardy. Brooke tells them twice, because I guess she thinks they didn't hear her. More likely, they knew it was coming so it's not like they had a big reaction.

Time for the final results. The three couples in jeopardy are Jacoby and Karina, Ingo and Kym, and Andy and Sharna. To the surprise of no one with eyeballs, Jacoby and Karina are safe.

So Ingo and Kym and Andy and Sharna are the bottom two. I think Andy would've needed a lot of votes to overcome the judges' score deficit. But maybe? Did he? Nope. Andy and Sharna are going home. Look, he had a good run. And I think he probably rehabilitated his image quite a bit. I hope he gets some work off of this. Andy gets really emotional in his exit interview, and jokingly blames Carrie Ann for his departure. Tom says that people on the street (is this the same street where Jeff Probst gets his feedback?) have all been pulling for Andy, and while they don't directly mention his sobriety, I'm sure everyone is thinking about it. You won me over, Andy.

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