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Season 16 Performance 7: Results

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We open with a routine by the troupe, including Tristan and Gleb. I miss those guys. Then Tom and Brooke remind us that Kellie and Derek have immunity, so they won't be going home. Three of the other six couples got extra points in the dance-off that might save them. Then we get a clip package of last night's performances.

Michael Buble is here to perform. Did you guys see him singing that Fun. Song while dressed as a chicken along with Amy Poehler on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon? I totally didn't recognize him as a chicken. I knew it had to be someone famous, and yet I couldn't place him. He really committed. Anyway, this song features a dance by a group that includes Tony, Cheryl, Gleb, Kym, and Tristan. Do you think Harry Connick, Jr. is upset that Michael Buble kind of took over his niche?

Hey, remember how Mark hurt his back and probably wants to dance as little as possible? So guess who's got the encore dance? I mean, I'm sure they checked in with him first to make sure he could do it, but it does seem darkly funny to me that he had to do the dance off last night and now he has to dance again. His back does seem a lot better tonight. Aly is showing off a lot more personality but some of her moves look very cheerleader-y instead of dancer-y.

Time for some results. First, a look back at Zendaya, whom Jacoby called "a beast" after seeing her dance. That was a compliment. Jacoby's mom trash-talked Len, and Karina loved it. So are these two couples safe? Zendaya and Val are safe, obviously. But wow, Jacoby and Karina are in jeopardy.

Ingo and Kym didn't get great marks from the judges last night. Aly and Mark did, and it was mostly because Aly finally came out of her shell. So Aly and Mark are safe, and Ingo and Kym are in jeopardy.

A woman who lives in Camden, New Jersey, felt that people who lived there didn't have hope or something positive in their lives, so she started a drill team. The kids who belong are required to do well in school, and some of them even sleep in their rehearsal space, which is an old water tower. Then the girls perform and it's kind of a combination of hip hop and step dancing. You know what I love most about it? It's a group of girls dancing and looking happy and they're not overly sexualized, which is great because they range in age from like eight to eighteen. When they finish, Tom and Brooke announce that they are giving the group money to improve their rehearsal space, which doesn't have any mirrors, kind of a prerequisite for a dance studio. Aw.

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