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Season 16 Performance 6

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Wonder Years

It's Stevie Wonder night! So no matter how bad the dancing is, at least the music will be great. Stevie is on hand to sing and play piano and at first, I can't figure out why he looks so different. At first, I thought he had work done (and he might have) but it's because he's clean-shaven. He looks a lot younger. I always wondered how blind people make personal grooming decisions. I guess they have to have a trusted friend/partner to tell them, "No, seriously. Shave the goatee." I guess sighted people need that too, sometimes.

Anyway, we open with a medley of Stevie and some young boy playing guitar and singing with him. Is this boy from a Disney show? Okay, he's a country singer. Who was born a year after I graduated from high school. Sigh.

Zendaya has to try to top her amazing performance last week. Now she has the cha cha and she's dancing to "Do I Do." Val works with Zendaya on technique, since that's what it's going to take to get a 10 from Len. So their dance is... okay. I mean, it's technically very good, but it's not nearly as dramatic as last week. I think the choreography could be more challenging and dare I say flashier? I do dare. I can't point to anything specific that was wrong, but Zendaya just seemed loosey goosey instead of sharp.

Judges? Len says that the word to sum up great dancing is Zendaya. Len found it "sharp and clean." Really? Bruno says that it was hypnotic, and Carrie Ann says it was "perfection in motion." Maybe I'm just grouchy. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 9, and Bruno 10. Overscored.

Andy has the samba this week to "Signed, Sealed, Delivered." Great song, but I don't know about Andy and the samba. It can't help that he's practicing in these huge sneakers instead of dancing shoes. They aren't helping his feet look better. When their routine starts, I just have this puzzled look on my face and it doesn't go away. It's like he's totally off the beat and then he does an eight count that is actually really great. And then he has no rhythm again. And then his technique is terrible. And then he does something really great. He has these flashes of brilliance surrounded by flashes of...not brilliance. I have no idea how to score that.

Bruno says it was "personality-driven" and very entertaining, but not much of a samba. Carrie Ann says she loves Andy so much, but she couldn't even tell what dance he was doing. Len thinks that Andy delivers fun, and that's what people want to see, even if it wasn't that good technically. Scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 6, and Bruno 6. Oh. I thought his scores might be a LITTLE higher. I mean, he didn't screw up.

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