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Season 16 Performance 6: Results

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Tom and Brooke welcome us and we immediately go to a performance by Olly Murs, who sounds almost exactly like Adam Levine. Like if I heard this on the radio, I would assume it was by Maroon 5. At least he's singing it live, though.

After the performance, Tom reminds us that Stevie Wonder was on hand last night, and everyone danced to his music. This leads into a clip package of highlights and lowlights from the performances. Then we go right to some obvious results: Kellie and Derek are safe as are Aly and Mark.

Stevie Wonder claims he's going to come back as a dancer. Come on. I mean, he could do it, certainly. You don't need to be able to see to dance. But would he be any good? I think not. Anyway, then we get to see the various couples trying to sing "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" in a karaoke style. So that happened.

Which team got the encore dance? You'd be surprised. It's Team Paso. I wonder which fanbase made this happen. Zendaya's? Someone's got a huge Twitter following. Jacoby's? I don't think I mentioned it last night, but Zendaya and Val's solo section is really amazing. I can't wait to see them do the paso doble for real.

More highlights from last night. Zendaya and Val were pleased with their routine, as well they should have been. Peta tells Sean to "shimmy the crap out of it," which is a phrase I will endeavor to use in my daily life. Sean and Peta were disappointed with their scores, and Sean jokes that he's going to sleep with Bruno next week to get better scores. So what about these two couples? Zendaya and Val are safe, obviously. Sean and Peta are in jeopardy.

Brooke is there to talk to Sean and Peta. Sean says that the judges' comments were fair, because Peta choreographed a good routine and he screwed it up. What is it about Sean that makes me hate him? He's humble and self-deprecating, but I just can't stand him. Brooke tries to talk to Kellie and Derek but Kellie is totally distracted by someone off-camera and can't even talk to her.

Clip package about the behind-the-scenes stuff that has to go into making the show look seamless. It really is impressive to see how the crew has to assemble, unassemble, and reassemble the stage between each dance.

Will.i.am is here to perform his new single which seems to feature Justin Bieber? I think that's who's singing via video screen. I was right - when the song ends, Tom refers to him as Obi Wan Bieber. I love Tom.

After the break, Tom tells Victor and Lindsay that they're in jeopardy tonight. Then they show a clip of Ingo's son Peanut (is that his real name or a nickname?) who sits right by the stairs to the skybox and everyone gives him a high five on the way up. He's super popular. Outside after the show, he yells to someone, "I'll see you at the after party!" The kid is like six. He's going to head CAA some day. Anyway, Ingo and Kym are safe.

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