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Season 16 Performance 5

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Ando the Magnificent

Andy is going last? This should be interesting. Not sure why they didn't end the show with Zendaya. They are dancing with Sasha and Emma. Wow, they really got the bottom of the barrel, pro-wise. I'm not saying they're not talented, but Sasha is no Maks or Tony or Tristan. As they rehearse, Andy points out that he feels like the leftover in this group of pros. Anyway, they have the paso doble.

Andy just flew in on a zipline. What. The. Fudge. Anyway, I don't know if the aerial stunt threw him, but he seemed to forget half of his moves throughout. Most of his side-by-side is taken up with cape work, and that's fine. Once they start their solo part, you can see multiple times where Sharna has to prompt him to take her hand, or clap, or whatever. I don't know if he lost focus or what. It wasn't terrible, but it's not like Andy's technique can make up for a few flubs, because his technique is pretty bad too.

Judges? Carrie Ann is still laughing at his entrance, and says his cape work was fine but then it kind of fell apart. Len doesn't think the technique was much but it was fun. Bruno thought it was slapstick, except Andy wasn't trying to be funny. Aw, Andy. I wish you were a better dancer. Scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 6, and Bruno 6. Well, DL's got some company. I think Andy was better than DL, at least. And I hope he has more fans because he's trying so hard.

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Zendaya and Val: 29

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Andy and Sharna: 18

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