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Season 16 Performance 5

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Aly and Mark are dancing with Tony and Whitney (a troupe dancer). Aly is smart and takes it as an opportunity to learn from a woman, and they work together while Mark and Tony work out the choreography. Anyway, they have the samba. The side-by-side actually looks really good. It's the best that Aly has danced, I think. During her solo section, Aly seems weirdly off balance. I don't know what that's about. It's like she's dancing so fast that she keeps tipping over? But overall, I was more impressed with this routine than any of hers I've seen thus far. I think training with another woman was very helpful to her.

Judges? Len says that they were in sync with their partners, but her legs were a little flimsy at times. Bruno loved how sassy and saucy Aly was, and loved her strong technique and carefree attitude. Carrie Ann loves how Aly brought out her sexiness, but once Whitney wasn't on the floor and Aly had a small mistake, she lost her confidence a bit. As she talks to Brooke, Aly says that she's from Boston and she's dedicating her dance to her hometown. As she talks, Jacoby and Ingo are clowning around behind her, not knowing what she's talking about, but once they figure it out, you can tell the Jacoby feels like an asshole. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8 and Bruno 9. Yeah, I thought it should have been scored a little higher.

Sean and Peta thought they were gone last week, so now they are hoping for redemption. They are paired with Tristan and Chelsie. There's a whole bit where Sean is copying everything Tristan does in rehearsal, as if Sean has a personality. Tristan is so good at the quickstep. His dance with Chelsie is really lovely. The males remaining on the show (other than Jacoby) really have an easy time of it because during the side-by-side part, they've all just stood there, mostly. During Sean's section of the dance, he gets most of the steps right. And it's the quickstep, so his natural stiffness doesn't work against him like it would in a Latin dance.

Judges? Bruno thinks that Sean has always been a bit clompy, but tonight he was light on his feet with good technique. Carrie Ann agrees, and loves how Sean is determined and sure with his dancing. Len loves how Sean flew around the floor, and compares him to a pigeon. Bruno just LOSES IT. Len finally regains control of the conversation and says that it was Sean's best dance so far. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8 and Bruno 8.

Kellie and Derek have the cha cha, and Derek is pushing Kellie hard since she's been doing so well thus far. Weird that we don't see much footage of them rehearsing with Anna and her troupe partner, Henry. They have the foxtrot. Anna and Henry do a very staid and kind of boring opening. I totally think Derek used a strategy to make his portion look better, but I really don't blame him. Anyway, I normally find the foxtrot pretty boring, but this is really great. I only wish the tempo of the music was just a little bit faster. It feels a bit draggy in spots. But the choreography is great and Kellie looks like a pro.

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