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Season 16, Performance 3

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The Weekly Promcoming Dance

Last week, there was a shocking exit. Have you gotten over the shock of Dorothy Hamill being injured? Good! Tonight's theme is "prom night," which mostly translates to "weird-looking tuxedo." Or for the ladies, fancy dresses. As the couples come out, Sean is wearing overalls, because why not right? Then they sort of vamp on the dance floor as Tom and Brooke explain the rules to tonight's Twitter thing.

The group dance is to "Right About Now," but not the Fatboy Slim version. They don't appear to have gotten a lot of time to choreograph this, so it's just a couple of moves per couple. Based on what Andy is doing, they may have asked the stars to improvise. That can't be a good idea. It's all paced pretty slowly and seems to take forever. But it still gets a standing ovation, presumably because the seats are electrified or something. Tom says it actually was choreographed. Poor Louis Van Amstel.

Okay, let's get it on. Aly and Mark. Viennese Waltz. I can never tell the difference between that and regular waltz. The story is about how neither of them have a date. Aly te;;s a story about how she was always training so she didn't get to go to high school. And she's thrown by the revelation that you count to six, not four. I'm pretty sure you're supposed to count to three, but I guess six could work. Their dance starts with a third person dressed as cupid and shooting an arrow at them. I didn't know the use of props could stretch to actual people! The actual dance is fairly pleasant. They seem in sync and don't do anything out of Aly's comfort zone.

Judges! Len wasn't that impressed tonight, which generates a torrent of booing. And then he says "April Fools!" That was a pretty clean execution of that gag. Well done! Bruno claims, "We were all swept away in a whirlwind of romance," which is overstating things quite a bit. He also recommends that she pull up the middle of her back. Carrie Ann also liked it, but she criticizes Aly's acting. Bruno and Len protest that Aly was totally in character. There was barely a character to stay in!

Tom doesn't seem to be enjoying the theme of the night. Brooke asks Aly how she prepares for a romantic dance, since she's never been in love. Aly shrugs and says she's seen a lot of movies. Their scores are 7 (Carrie Ann), 8 (Len), and 8 (Bruno) for 23.

Next up, Andy and Sharna have a Cha Cha. The backstage storyline is that Andy is struggling with the strict rules of the dance. And he yells at her because he's all stressed out. The dance starts with Andy being a nerd, looking on in awe as Sharna dances sexy around him. And that's pretty much how it continues. Even when he moves around he's not doing much actual dancing. And then at the end, he jumps over her, rips off his shirt, and slides on his knees up to the judges.

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