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Season 16 Performance 2: Results

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Premature Evacuation

The season's first results show starts with a group dance by all of the pros and the troupe. So we're still doing the troupe? I've noticed that the male eye candy quotient is much higher this season than in past years, at least for me. Or maybe I'm just turning into a horny old lady. But between Gleb and Tristan and (I'm sorry) Derek, I don't mind the pro numbers at all. I'm also impressed with the number of people dancing right now, and they don't run into one another at all.

This leads into a clip package of the highlights and lowlights from last night. They are very short clips and there's no behind-the-scenes footage, so if you already watched last night's episode, you've seen it all. And it was just last night - if you can't remember, I think you've got bigger issues than me not recapping every moment.

Moving right on to the first results, so let's move this along. Ingo and Kym are safe. Apparently, they can't hear Brooke so they don't react for the first two times she calls their names. Tom reads the next couple that is safe: Sean and Peta. Blech. I mean, his dance was fine but I don't like that dude. Also safe are Wynonna and Tony. She either doesn't hear it or doesn't understand that she's safe, and Tony has to tell her. And who is the first couple in jeopardy? Victor and Lindsay. Well, that's expected. He wasn't that good and he probably doesn't have a huge fanbase voting for him.

The audience got to choose the encore dance, and they chose Zendaya and Val. Of course they did; all the kids these days are on Twitter, right? I'm glad she's good because she's going to be on this show for a long time. So they dance the encore and it's still good, but I think she needs to strengthen her core, because some of her spins are a bit wobbly.

Tom interviews Aly and Mark and reveals that, due to a production screw-up, they couldn't find each other right before they danced last night, and Mark was more nervous than Aly. Tom tells them they can stop being nervous because they're safe. He moves on to DL and Cheryl, who are clearly expecting to be in jeopardy. DL is very reserved as he answers Tom's questions until Tom tells him that he's coming back next week. It is the greatest reaction I've seen on this show: Cheryl blurts out, "WHAT?!?" and DL just falls to his knees. I'm not sure if they're happy to come back, but they are definitely surprised.

Tom moves on to talk to Lisa and Gleb. They show a clip of them in the confession booth where Gleb suggests that Lisa sleep with Len to get them better scores, and Lisa says that she will. Then there's like ten minutes of Len reaction shots but we don't get to see what Lisa is doing to provoke those reactions, so I'm going to guess something dirty. Anyway, Lisa and Gleb are also in jeopardy.

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