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It's the finale! And the final four are actually all deserving, which is exciting. Usually there is at least one dud still in the mix. The show starts with a routine by Kym, Chelsie, and some troupe members. I think I'm starting to recognize Sasha. He's short. He's kind of like the bargain bin Tristan.

After they introduce the finalists, they show us some footage from rehearsal where Val got clocked in the face and blood spattered all over his face. But he's still going to dance! Compared to a broken spine and internal organ failure or whatever others have gone through this season, that seems mild.

Jacoby and Karina are up first. Jacoby is amazed that they were at the top of the leaderboard for the first time in the last week. Len comes to visit Jacoby and Karina in the studio. They have the jive this week, and Len wants to work on his footwork. Len encourages Jacoby to act like he's kicking a peanut on the floor to get his kicks and flicks right, and somehow it works. Karina is like, "I've been trying to get him to do that all season! Len, next time can you come in week two?" Then Jacoby shows Len some of his football celebration moves and Len imitates him and it's pretty awesome. Len is having a good time.

So they start their jive and by start, I mean the music starts. They don't actually start jiving until about a quarter of the way into the song. I will say that Len's instruction worked; Jacoby's feet are SO much better for the first two-thirds of the routine. He loses it a little in the last section. And I think he's concentrating on his technique so much that he loses a little bit of the fun that usually goes into his dance. He has great musicality, but it was missing a little bit of swag.

Judges? Len says that there was definite improvement, although he did lose it at times. Bruno wonders where Jacoby gets his energy and charisma. Bruno calls Len "Gandalf the Great" (not the right name) and Len calls Bruno "Frodo." Heh. But Bruno notes that Jacoby lost the beat a few times. Carrie Ann also loved the excitement, but notes that his feet weren't always on point. Jacoby jokes that Carrie Ann can't wear cleats, and he can't wear heels. Bruno doesn't know what cleats are. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 9. That was maybe slightly overscored, but it's the finals, so the scores are always high.

Aly and Mark were also tops in the leaderboard last week, and Bruno is coming into their rehearsals to help with their samba. Bruno gets them to put in a samba roll, which is the hardest step in the samba. Aly is game to try it, and Bruno gives her tips to take her from a 9.5 to a 10.

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