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I would just like to state that after I submitted my weecap last night and went to bed, I realized that the combination of Mark Ballas and a stripper pole was crying out for a Magic Mark joke, and I failed to deliver. For that, I am most heartily sorry.

We open with a routine by all the pros. Haven't we...seen this routine before? The music is really familiar. The pros leave the floor and the troupe takes over, with a few pros added in for good measure. All of the previously-eliminated contestants do a short bit and DL Hughley jumps off the judges' table and nearly breaks something. And finally, the four finalists each get a quick solo. Finally, everyone is out on the floor together. I will say that most of the eliminated contestants look like they are having a great time. And the routine was choreographed by Lacey.

After reviewing the leaderboard (Zendaya and Val 65, Kellie and Derek 64, Aly and Mark 60, and Jacoby and Karina 56), we see a clip package of last night's routines.

The encore dance is Kellie and Derek's freestyle. It's just as beautiful tonight, but it's a bit ruined in my neck of the woods by all the thunderstorm warning graphics on the screen. Also, Kellie biffs a move toward the end, but they cover well. I feel a little bit bad for Kellie; she might lose to Zendaya, but if she were on nearly any other season, she would win.

The judges tell us what they thought of the finale. Aly was fearless and used her newfound strength. Kellie's freestyle was beautiful and caused Carrie Ann to weep. Zendaya has a huge amount of talent and a huge presence. Jacoby's freestyle production overshadowed him, but Len loves his razzamatazz. Carrie Ann thinks that anyone can take it. I don't think Jacoby's got a shot, but that's fine. He's not the best dancer.

Tom announces that the votes from ABC.com will not be counted because the website went down during and just after the east coast airing of the show. They're only going to count the votes from Facebook, phones, and text messages. I wonder what the percentages are for each of those venues. The show will probably never tell, but I would be curious.

Anyway, it's time to reveal who will end up in fourth place. I'm surprised that it's Aly and Mark. I guess Jacoby just has a huge fanbase. I don't think Aly and Mark were ever in the bottom two this season, were they? They probably were. Let me go look it up on Wikipedia while they talk to them. Well, they didn't as far as we know - some weeks, they didn't reveal the bottom two. Maybe Aly's voters were used to voting on the website.

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