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It's the finals! I couldn't be more thrilled, mostly because I'm excited to have my Monday and Tuesday nights back for a few months. I know, it's not all about me. But maybe it's a little bit about me? Fine, it's nothing about me. Tomorrow night, Melissa, Kelly, or Shawn will be crowned champion. I don't think Kelly really deserves it - she would win any other season but I don't think she should win this one. But Melissa and Shawn are about equal to me. I might give Shawn a slight edge. We'll see how it goes tonight.

Brooke is wearing the weirdest dress tonight. It's got a regular shirred bodice and then a halter-style neck strap. That's not the weird part. The neck strap is all sequined. That's not the weird part. The weird part is that the inch or so of strap that attaches to the bodice is clear? Or flesh-toned? So it looks kind of like her dress broke and she taped it back together, or that her strap is a weird horseshoe necklace? It's bizarre. Maybe it will look better in different lighting. Anyway, they introduce the three finalists, who are keeping it loose and dancing along to the theme song.

And we only have an hour, so let's get dancing! Kelly and Val are up first. Remember last week, they just couldn't pull off the perfect scores from the judges, or even a ten from one judge. In their roll-in package, they talk about how they never got a ten from the judges, and their fans are the ones that kept them on the show. So this week, they are redoing their paso doble, and Kelly wants to make it so perfect that the judges have no choice but to give them a 10. We'll see about that.

Wow. The first half of their routine was amazing. Kelly was so sharp and technically brilliant. Her posture was great and she was selling the hell out of the emotion and story of the dance. And then they had a slipped handhold at one point and she seemed to go into her head a little bit. It wasn't a huge mistake; I don't know if many people even noticed it. But something changed slightly in Kelly and while she was still technically very, very good, it took her a while to get back into it. We'll see what the judges thought. If she had kept up the intensity of the first half throughout, it would be a perfect score with no question.

Judges? Len says that this was their best dance to date. Bruno calls Kelly a "fire angel" (is that a thing?) and says that she had artistry and polish like never before. Carrie Ann is so proud of Kelly, and admits that she saw the slip-up with the handhold (which the producers also caught, and replay it). I guess that means no perfect score for them. Scores: Carrie Ann 9.5, Len 10, and Bruno 10. Kelly and Val are so happy to get their first 10.

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