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Fusion Frenzy

So we've got lots of performances tonight but no results tomorrow night, other than the election results. I'm not complaining but I'm starting to wonder if they're going to need to have another double elimination in order to crown a winner before Christmas (Note: later in the episode, Tom said that next week will be a double elimination.)

In the roll-in package, they show Sabrina and Louis's elimination again and I laughed because Carrie Ann acted like she got shot in the stomach. Seriously, she bent double and grabbed her abdomen, like get a grip, Carrie Ann.

In honor of this week's fusion dances, the troupe is performing a fusion of like every dance ever. It's nice to see Tristan, Louis, Anna, and Kym dancing with the troupe. I know some of the pros get paid by the week, so I feel for them when they get eliminated - there goes their paychecks. But if they do these troupe appearances, I assume they get paid, and I would much rather watch them than the useless troupe. I'm sure they're nice people, but they just never grabbed my attention, probably because they weren't ever used very well.

Look, if your concept of the week is so complicated that you need to have the judges explain it to the camera, I feel like it's too complicated. But that's what they're doing now. Did you know that some dances are slow and some are fast? And some are passionate and some are more fun? How will they ever combine those two things? That said, I do appreciate that the producers are trying to come up with new challenges for this season, since the teams are obviously not being challenged by just doing regular dances anymore. Well, except for Kirstie.

Apolo and Karina are first up, coming off a perfect score last week for their waltz. They have the cha cha and the paso doble. Karina wants to start with cha cha and end with the paso because it's more dramatic and stronger. Apolo struggles learning the steps because he keeps putting too much cha cha in his paso, and I feel like there will be a lot of opportunities for chocolate in my peanut butter jokes tonight.

They start with the cha cha but maybe it's their outfits but it doesn't feel like a cha cha. The transition to the paso is strong; it's obvious when they go from one to the other, but Apolo's timing is a little off. There are some strong moments, but there are also a few where it looks like they are fighting, and not in the paso doble way, but like they're both trying to lead. Apolo also loses his mic pack again, I think. It was good but a little rough around the edges.

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