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Season 15 Performance 6: Results

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Two for the Price of One

Double elimination! That means two couples! TWO! We're that much closer to the end of this season! This has actually been a good season, but by this point in any season, I'm just over it.

Kylie Minogue (who doesn't age) is on hand to perform "The Locomotion." Man, I remember when this was on the radio. I am old. I mean her version, not the original from the '60s. I'm not THAT old. The troupe comes out to dance, and Kym and Tristan are in there. Okay, now I have to look up how old Kylie Minogue is, because she's got legs that won't quit even if her voice is a little nasally. I guess she's 44. So she was a child when this song was on the charts.

Melissa and Tony were the high scorers last night, by far. Tony was so, so happy with their scores. It's nice to see Tony happy. I really feel like, after being saddled with Kate Gosselin, he deserves many, many seasons of happiness. With Shawn and Derek (and Mark) doing their tribal dance, it's really interesting that I read a blog post about cultural appropriation, what it means, and why it's wrong. It was in reaction to the No Doubt video controversy, but I think it applies here.

Melissa and Tony and Shawn and Derek are all safe. Well, at least we know that the best dancers are going to make the semifinals.

Brooke is upstairs to talk to Gilles, Emmitt, and Apolo. Gilles is excited to have the chance to dance to Michael Jackson, his inspiration, next week. Emmitt says that they're all worried, and they've all gotten close. Apolo jokes that if Tom calls his name tonight, he's not going to leave. And I am telling you, Apolo's not going.

The cast of Newsies. Lots of newboy caps and knickers. And singing!

Ne-Yo is on hand to perform "Let Me Love You Until You Learn to Love Yourself" (which is a really long song title.) Can I tell you about this blister I have on the top of my tongue? I think I got it from eating microwave popcorn, which is super lame. But it keeps catching on my teeth and I think it's making me crankier than normal. Anyway, that blister prevented me from enjoying Ne-Yo's performance. As far as I can tell, he's a combination of Michael Jackson and Usher.

Brooke interviews Kelly and Val as well as Maks and Kirstie. Kelly says that it's tough to be up there with Maks and Kirstie, knowing that at least one of them is going home. She's probably right. Let's hope it's Kirstie, who talks about how her fans are the greatest fans. Is anyone ever like, "My fans kind of suck. This other person has really great fans. Mine are so-so."

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