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Season 15 Performance 5 Part 3

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Judges? Bruno tells Sabrina that she's sexy, and they fused county and cha cha cha well. Ah, that's what they were doing! Way better fusion than Gilles and Peta. Carrie Ann agrees with Bruno, and she loves how Sabrina finishes every move, although her solo could have been better. Len thought the choreography was fantastic, but there were too many gimmicks and not enough dancing. The crowd boos. Derek guarantees Len some real dancing next week. Scores: Carrie Ann 9.5, Len 8.5, and Bruno 10. Boy, Len wasn't kidding.

Totally forgot that Kirstie was still on this show. Anyway, Kirstie and her horsehair have the rumba this week, and she spends more of her time arguing with Maks about how she can't do it and she's too old, and he tries to push her, and she pushes back and it all makes me tired. Can we just agree, as a nation, that her time is up? I guess I have to watch her dance first. Okay, it's actually a decent rumba. Kirstie is always fairly graceful, and it's a slower dance, so she can actually execute the moves. I'm just tired of her schtick.

Judges? Carrie Ann thought Kirstie was the "queen of sexy" and she got lost in the dance. Len thought it was clean, clear, and classy, but he would have wanted more hip action. Carrie Ann disagrees and Kirstie demonstrates. So, Len demonstrates and Tom makes fun of him and Len goes grumpy Gus. Bruno thought that demonstrated a real woman's beauty, and it was classy and elegant. Scores: Carrie Ann 9.5, Len 8.5, and Bruno 9.5. It's super cute how all of the other couples are so excited for them, but I don't know if they deserved it.

Apolo admits that he and Karina had a fight before their dance last week, and it affected their dancing. This week, they are telling a story about a woman who's dying of cancer and only feels safe in her lover's arms. Well, that's uplifting. Anyway, Apolo worries about his ability to show his emotions during the dance. You know, I probably don't give Apolo enough credit for being a great dancer. He's really good and makes it look effortless, and this was a beautiful dance.

Judges? Len thought it was light and had great musicality, and he LOVED it. Bruno thought Apolo led Karina around the floor with ease, and his movements were excellent. Carrie Ann thought it was poetry in motion. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 10, and Bruno 10. That's their first perfect score.

Emmitt and Cheryl are the last to perform before the group dance, and they have the foxtrot to "Islands in the Stream," one of my favorite songs. Emmitt is freaked out about having a solo, especially in a slow song, and especially to country. I can't believe no one's called Emmitt out on his pancake hands. He looks stiff for most of the routine, but his solo is great and the crowd goes wild.

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