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Season 15 Performance 5 Part 2

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Judges? Bruno loved the shapes and the emotion, and he's never seen Shawn so emotionally connected. Carrie Ann feels like a proud mom, having seen how much Shawn has grown, but she calls them out on the lift. I'm like, "What lift?" When Shawn ran and jumped off the platform and Derek caught her, I guess that was technically a lift, since she wouldn't have been able to do that under her own power. Well, she could have, but she would have gone flying off the platform. Tom cracks that Carrie Ann is playing the part of the iceberg tonight. That Tom. So quick. Len claims that there was no hip action and both Bruno and Carrie Ann protest and they can't believe what Len is saying. I think Len is crazy too. I definitely saw hip action. I normally agree with Len on technique stuff, but I think he's wrong here. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 8, and Bruno 10. I don't know that it deserved perfect 10s, but an 8? Seriously?

Apolo and Karina will be doing the samba, and they are making the choreography really difficult, hoping it's their comeback week. So their routine is fast with a lot of content, including some difficult samba rolls, but I don't see much samba bounce. It's almost like it's too fast to include the bounce. Emmitt's samba was better.

Judges? Carrie Ann thought his legwork was great and he used the floor well, but they still haven't had their breakthrough dance. I totally agree. Len thought it was terrific, and the audience agrees, although he didn't love all the thrusting. Well, the song is called "Give It To Me Baby" so, thrusting there shall be. Bruno thought he was really sexy and his timing and rhythm were spot on. Scores: Carrie Ann 8.5, Len 9.5, and Bruno 9. The judges can't get it together tonight. Someone more conspiracy-oriented might suggest that the judges are trying to keep their scores equal so the audience votes will decide.

Here's a shocker: Sabrina's guilty pleasure is about being a Disney princess. Anyway, she's doing a waltz but she struggles with being soft and vulnerable instead of fast and fierce. Just once, I would love to see a roll-in package where the star was like, "Yeah, I picked this routine up really quickly and it's like second nature." Anyway, they have a whole Cinderella thing going on, but instead of seeming in love, Sabrina seems like she's in a daze. She's got a grin pasted to her face like a pageant queen and her expression doesn't really change. I can't fault her technique, although it wasn't as good as some of her past routines, but I didn't get a romantic vibe. It was like what a five-year-old girl would think people in love probably look like.

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