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Season 15, Performance 3

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I had to Google what in the fuck Bristol and Mark were inspired by because the show decided not to tell me, and it was Derek and Joanna's futuristic paso doble. Except there's nothing futuristic about their dance; they are dressed as a prince and princess, I guess, and dancing on a giant chess board? I mean, it's a decent paso doble, especially for Bristol, but it's boring. The only thing interesting about seeing her dance now is waiting for her to fuck up. And she really doesn't in this routine, so that's something?

Judges? Len thinks their fight actually helped Bristol get the needed passion for this routine, and he thought it was her best yet. Bruno thought her lines were better than ever, and he loved the concept. Carrie Ann thinks Bristol is proving herself every week, and the only thing she needs to work on are her facial expressions. Tom tells the dancers again that they get to pick dances for one another and some look shocked, some look worried, and some look psyched. Scores: Carrie Ann 7.5, Len 7.5, and Bruno 7.5. I'm glad they didn't go overboard.

The final couple is Shawn and Derek. They are inspired by Helio's quickstep with Julianne. Shawn wants to bring in trampolines. They make the decision to break rules, and hope that the entertainment value of their routine makes up for it.

Well, it was entertaining! The opening is pure quickstep with some super fast footwork. Then Derek flips Shawn over his back, and he does a throw, and then lifts her really high (although, honestly, she might have been able to do that jump on her own) and they end by running up the stairs and then falling into the orchestra pit. I'm surprised the producers let them get away with that last one, although I guess if Gilles got to wear a wire, anything goes. The dance part of that routine was really good and I kind of wish we got to see more of that and less acrobatics, but I definitely wasn't bored. As far as breaking rules, there were the aforementioned lifts, and they also broke hold in the middle of the dance a bunch of times, which you aren't supposed to do in the quickstep. Other couples have been called out on that in the past (Mark and Bristol most recently) so it's only fair that Shawn and Derek lose some points for it too.

Judges? Bruno calls them "the Incredibles" and says it was one of the best if not the best dance he's seen in fifteen seasons. He knows they broke the rules but it was unforgettable. Carrie Ann thought it was the best dance they've ever seen on the show, but she does have to slam them for breaking the rules even though they blew her mind. Len loves how they turn music into movement, and he thought the routine was fantastic. But he took a point from Bristol for breaking hold, so he has to do the same here. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 8, and Bruno 9.5. I still don't get why some judges have to dock points for breaking rules and others don't. Have rules or don't have rules about judging, but at least make them consistent.

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