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Season 15, Performance 3

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Judges? Bruno loved how Emmitt got into the character of the dance and reminds him to watch his shoulders creeping up. Carrie Ann calls him "the human torpedo" and she loved that he upped the game. Len thought Emmitt was really scary, and he's got a dominating presence, although Len wanted a little more finesse at times. Scores: Carrie Ann 8.5, Len 8, and Bruno 8.5.

So far, it seems like "reinventing" a previous dance just means using the same song and dance style and then doing whatever you want.

Helio decides to "reinvent" Apolo and Julianne's quickstep where Apolo wore the pinstripe suit. Apolo even visits their rehearsals to see how they're doing. As the routine begins, Helio gets a little ahead of the music, and he seems ahead of the beat for the next little bit. There's a nice bit of fancy footwork but then, during a turn, Helio steps on Chelsie's dress and slips twice. He doesn't fall, but it looks really awkward. They manage to make it through the rest of the routine, but the whole thing felt a little off. They weren't as smooth and in sync as you'd normally see in a quickstep.

Judges? Carrie Ann thought it was so good, and she loves how Helio does the quickstep, although she can't ignore the fumble with the dress. Len thinks they deserve to be back next week. Bruno noticed that they collapsed after the slip-up. As Helio and Chelsie wait for their scores, Tom announces that the other blockbuster announcement is that for next week, the couples will get to choose the style of dance for each other. Hmm. The dancers all look concerned. Scores: Carrie Ann 8.5, Len 8.5, and Bruno 8.5. Overscored.

Bristol and Mark had a dramatic week. Sigh. Who cares? Anyway, when Bristol and Mark come in to rehearsal after escaping elimination last week, you'd think they'd be jubilant, right? They had the lowest scores, and they made it through anyway! Instead, Bristol is all silent and passive-aggressive, and she tells Mark that she knows he'd bummed that he got stuck with her instead of Sabrina or Shawn again. Mark wonders what he did to give her that impression, and she can't answer, because he didn't. I've said a lot of shit about Mark, but he's never been anything but great to his shitty partners. He's always stuck up for Bristol, on the show and in the press. Apparently, Mark missed a rehearsal, and that made Bristol think that he's not invested in this season and their partnership. She could be onto something, but it could also be completely unrelated. Anyway, watching them fight is like watching that couple in your high school who didn't belong together and were terrible for one another and yet couldn't stay apart. It ends with Bristol gets up and walks out silently as Mark asks her to "not be like that." Yuck.

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