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Season 15, Performance 3

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Donkey Show

Judges? Carrie Ann thought the approach really suited Kirstie, and was her best dance of the season. Len thought it was fun, but the dancing was good as well. Bruno couldn't stop laughing at Maks and also thought it was really fun. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, and Bruno 8. I think they were blinded by Maks's tight pants and wig.

Sabrina has chosen Maks and Mel's paso doble, which was great, and has been imitated many times since. Louis tries to be inventive but Sabrina is worried about it looking like they're relying on gimmicks, and she doesn't want to break any rules (MARK).

Sabrina looks great, but this is not her most flattering look. She's kind of boxy on top and this outfit requires someone with more of an hourglass figure. That aside, the thing I love most about her dancing is that she has sharp movements and she places her arms and legs and finishes the moves without looking choppy. My only issue with this routine was that she was too smiley: she's supposed to be intense and dramatic, and she's got a huge grin on her face and looks way too happy. This paso doble lacked the drama and focus that I've come to expect from this type of dance, but the execution was incredible.

Judges? Len thought it was full of risks but also full of great technique. Bruno thought it looked like Sabrina was leading at times, because she's such a great dancer. Carrie Ann thought the technique was there, but she didn't see anything unique or surprising about the creative concept. Totally agreed. She did nothing new or exciting; it could have been a dance in any other week. Len gives a little speech about how high the quality of the dancing has been overall this week. Scores: Carrie Ann 8.5, Len 8.5, and Bruno 8.5. So Carrie Ann didn't think it was THAT bad.

Emmitt and Cheryl are doing the paso doble that Mario Lopez and Karina did previously. Emmitt wants the room to feel like a desert at dusk. He also plans a move where he runs and slides between Cheryl's legs, which they act like it the most dangerous move ever, but it doesn't seem that bad.

During the routine itself, there is a group of men in stereotypical Mexican gear along with a live donkey (does this feel a little racist to anyone else?), but the dancing is about an A- for me. There are times when Emmitt looks great, but there are times when he has pancake hands. His facial expressions are great; I just don't know why Emmitt wouldn't pick a dance with more groove in it, since that's his strength as a dancer. There's no twinkle here. The group of people in the corner also pulls focus from his dancing, which might be the plan. The final move goes off without a hitch, and Emmitt slides neatly through Cheryl's legs without knocking her over.

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