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Season 15, Performance 3

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Kelly chooses Maks and Laila Ali's paso doble and she's pretty psyched about making Val try to surpass his brother. They meet with the production designer who tells them that some of the other couples are using live animals, and Kelly notes that others might use fluff but she and Val are just going to fill their routine with good dancing. She's totally right, but I could see some of the others getting offended by that. The more I see of Kelly's personality, the more I like her though. She's honest, sometimes brutally so.

Their routine starts with a giant red matador cape being drawn over their heads for the full length of the floor. They are great together, and the dancing is really sharp and intense and passionate. My one quibble is that sometimes Kelly gets a little wobbly on the turns. I try to watch the star and not the pro during the routines, but Val made it difficult. He was fantastic.

Judges? Bruno tells her it was a defining performance and it included beauty, artistry, and talent. Carrie Ann says that they have amazing chemistry and it's magical. Len can't believe what he saw and he loved the focus, the musicality in her arms, and he loves that Kelly has turned up the volume on her dancing this week. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 9. Man, those are some high scores.

Tom is set to reveal one of the blockbuster announcements: Paula Abdul will be a guest judge next week. That's not a blockbuster announcement.

Kirstie has decided to be fearless and her choice is Carson's cha cha to "Moves Like Jagger." She adds a bunch of stereotypically British elements because she has zero imagination and then says that Maks will be Mick and she'll be a groupie and she demonstrates by tossing her terrible, gross hair around. Gah, her hair bugs me more each week. Anyway, her strategy is to put Maks in tight pants and I can't really argue with that one, so let's see it.

So the routine starts with Maks driving a Mini Cooper onto the stage and then he does some Jagger moves and Kirstie joins him from the audience and they start the actual dance. That's a lot of faffing about, as Len would say. The cha cha itself is quite tame and somewhat surprisingly, it seems like Maks is holding them back. He doesn't have his usual hip action. Are his pants too tight? Or is he holding back so he doesn't outdance Kirstie? I just found the whole thing kind of slow and boring, especially compared to some of the outstanding routines we've seen thus far.

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