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Season 15, Performance 3

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Judges? Bruno calls it "Fifty Shades of Gilles" but notes that there were a few wobbles where Gilles lost his footing. Carrie Ann loved the dramatic nuances in his performance, but they were a little out-of-sync when in hold. Len thought the hold could have been tighter and the footwork cleaner, but Len loved the performance. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8.5, and Bruno 8.5. That seems fair.

Melissa and Tony go out on Wednesday morning and Melissa says that she wants to push the limits. In rehearsals, they try all kind of crazy tricks and Melissa looks about five seconds away from getting really hurt. But she pushes on, because she wants to get high scores. Their actual dance is a samba to "Conga" by Miami Sound Machine (originally done by JR and Karina). It's really great. Melissa has relaxed so much since her original season and seems to be having a good time out there. The tricks in the opening and closing are quite scary but they pull them off without looking awkward, and their samba rolls are divine. Great job!

Judges? Carrie Ann thought that Melissa looks a little scared during the stunts but it was stellar. Len loved it, and found the technique spot on. Bruno thought every step was more complicated than the next and she handled it like a star. Tony is thrilled to get compliments on his choreography for the second week in a row. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 9. Those are the first 9s of the season.

Karina and Apolo are trying to figure out how to top their own past dances and stand out. They're recreating Gilles' foxtrot to "Fever," and Apolo says he's trying to be as sexy as Gilles. Good luck, dude. There are also statues come to life? I guess the conceit is that Apolo is in a museum and one of the statues comes to life, and it's Karina, and they dance. The routine itself is beautiful and flawless. Apolo is so graceful with his arm and leg movements. I'm just not feeling the passion. Maybe it's the comparison to Gilles, but Apolo is anti-sexy for me. I think he should have done a routine that required more romance and less sex; maybe a waltz or a rumba. I mean, it was good. I just didn't think it was sexy.

Judges? Len liked it although he saw a few problems with technique. Bruno thought it was sensual and classy, and advises Apolo to avoid tensing up his hands. Carrie Ann thought the artistic direction was memorable and stunning and she disagrees with Bruno on Apolo's arms and hands. Carrie Ann also notes that Apolo was leading. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 8, and Bruno 8.5. Carrie Ann is on crack.

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