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Well, I can tell by the costumes and hairstyles during introductions that a bunch of these couples have the jive this week. There are a lot of pompadours and poodle skirts. We're going to jump right into dancing since there are still twelve couples left, and first up this week are Melissa and Tony. Melissa notes that the first week dances this season were like finals week in any other season. This week, they have the jive, which Melissa never got to perform on her season because she was injured and the judges were forced to score her rehearsal footage, so she's excited to get the chance to perform the jive now.

Her routine is technically quite flawless, with a little glitch near the end. But there's something missing from her attitude or performance. It feels like she's not giving a hundred percent, almost like she's dancing the Sunday matinee of a show that goes up six days a week. She's doing it, and you can't really complain, but I don't feel the intensity. I don't know if it's because it's a complex routine and she's focused more on getting the steps right, or she's tired, or what. But it's just shy of perfect for me.

Judges? Len says that Melissa set the bar really high, and he loved it. Bruno says it was one of the fastest jives he's ever seen, although he spotted a few glitches. Len and Carrie Ann think Bruno's full of it. Carrie Ann thinks Melissa is made to jive, and she compliments Tony's choreography. That's important because Carrie Ann and Tony have clashed in the past. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, and Bruno 7.5. I thought the scores would be higher.

Bristol and Mark are up next, and we're reminded that Bristol got most improved last week. This week, she's dancing to "Red Neck Woman" which is her personal anthem, so she's really excited. Mark admits that the choreography is harder than Bristol is used to, but it's what they have to do if she's going to compete with former champions. Also, they go to a shooting range but I'm not sure how that's going to improve her dancing.

Well, it's... not as good as last week, but still better than she did on her original season. It's a quickstep with some country line dancing moves tossed in. Bristol does fine but she doesn't have the confidence that she had last week, and then she screws up a Charleston move pretty badly. Seeing Sarah Palin in the background clapping totally off the beat distracts me. The routine might inspire some fans to call in and vote because the like the song and the sentiment, but if you weren't already a Bristol fan, I don't think this routine will win you over.

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