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Season 15, Performance 2: Results

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Did you guys watch the hour before the results show? I'm not recapping it because it was basically a recap, but it was semi-interesting. They had each judge pick a dance that was the turning point or essential routine from each contestant's previous season, and then the contestant gave sort of a director's commentary while we watched the dance. It wasn't THAT insightful; I would have liked more technical information about the dance. But at least it was original content instead of just a filler waste of time like last week.

Anyway, on to the results show. First up is the encore dance, and Len announces that it will be Sabrina and Louis. Sabrina has improved quite a bit since her original season; watching her routine in the previous hour proves that. And she's lost weight. She really does have beautiful posture and lines.

Let's review last night's routines. I don't feel like we discussed in enough detail how bizarre it was that Joey and Kym danced to "Creep" by Radiohead, but a big band version. Anyway, they were really happy with their scores. Drew got a lot of cheers from his fellow contestants, so he must be a good clubhouse guy, as they say in baseball. Emmitt did get a reaction to his comment about not being intimidated by an actor, an indie racer, or a speed skater. Gilles, Helio, and Apolo all laughed but also looked surprised. And finally, Sabrina and Louis were nervous about their ending, but they were really happy to have nailed it.

After the break, we learn that Drew, Emmitt, and Sabrina are safe. Joey and Kym are in jeopardy. I really think that people were weirded out by their song choice. Although probably the target demo for this show, the 50+ crowd, doesn't know the original. Anyway, Tom adds that next week will be a double elimination. Yikes.

Brooke is backstage doing useless interviews. Shawn thinks they all need to step it up next week. Bristol will determine the creative direction of their dance next week if they make it through. Oh, Lord. That could be awful/awesome. Kelly is still working full time on her show so she's tired, I guess? Kirstie didn't love the dances she's had so far, but she loves the cha cha, which is what she'll do next week if she goes through.

Cher Lloyd is here to perform. I heard this song on the radio the other day, having never heard it before (I don't listen to the radio much) and I thought it was probably the worst song I've ever heard. It was so autotuned that it didn't even sound like a human being singing it. Cher is also about the furthest thing from a dynamic performer too. I don't get how she got a recording contract. I mean, she's cute, but there are a lot of cute girls out there. During an audience shot, I'm pretty sure that I saw Santa Claus. So I guess this show does attract a diverse crowd.

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