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Time for sob stories! William grew up really poor and they never had enough food. He was always driven to be better. He left Cuba because his stepfather was a political prisoner and his family was granted asylum. He started out in this country as a model before transitioning to acting, and now he's a huge star in Latin America. And ladies really, really like him. Anyway, they're dancing the samba. Cheryl's no dummy; she put William in white pants so you can see every bounce to the ounce. And he's naturally good at the samba. My only issue with it is there isn't a ton of the samba bounce, and when he does it, it's all in the shoulders instead of at the knees. But he sure looked good doing it.

Judges? Bruno rolls his r's a lot and talks about the flavor of sexy Brazil. Carrie Ann is too overcome to even talk but she says his bounce was more like a thrust. That's what I noticed. Len thought the junk in his trunk was great, and he did a ton of basic samba steps while also having great rhythm. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 10, and Bruno 10. As long as the thrusting was an acceptable replacement for the bouncing, I guess that makes sense. It just didn't look much like a samba to me.

What's Katherine's story? She grew up in small-town Wales. She studied at a prestigious music university, and then got a recording deal, becoming a sensation in Britain. She was engaged to a real hottie, but they broke up at the end of last year, right before she started rehearsals for this show. She and Mark are doing the salsa, with a Far East flair. Um, didn't Derek try this last week and failed miserably? Also, this style of dance is not Katherine's forte. She looks awkward most of the time. And then they screw up the final move and Katherine nearly falls down. She's really, really upset and I can't tell if she's injured or just sad that she messed up. Neither can Tom, and he tries to make sure Katherine is okay.

Carrie Ann loved to see her let loose and is sorry about the ending. Len also loved that she went full on. Bruno tells her not to worry about the ending, because it was wonderful. Are they just being nice? Because I thought that was pretty awful. I think Katherine took a knee to the gut, because she keeps holding her stomach, but when she gets to Brooke, she says that it was her back. Ouch. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 9. If that routine had happened in the first few weeks, the scores would have been 7s and 8s.

Donald grew up poor, and his father was in prison when he was born. They were homeless for a while, and lived in a U-Haul under a bridge for a while. Eventually, his mother sent Donald and his brother to live with their grandparents, even though it was a bad neighborhood and they started selling drugs and stealing cars. He was a great athlete, but a troubled kid, even in college, until he met his wife. She told him to choose between her and selling drugs, and he chose her. Aw, that is sweet. This is making me like him even more. He was drafted in the seventh round, which didn't guarantee him a spot on any NFL roster, but he worked hard and he's a record-holder and a champ. I had him on my fantasy football roster one season, and he was GREAT. So I've liked him since then. Also, his kids are SO cute. Okay, I'm one hundred percent on team Driver.

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